7 Steps to your Fortified Roof by Fortified.

Roofing is Expertise, Science, and Art mixed together.

Step 1 Let's Look at a New Fortified Roof Installation from Start to Finish.

We're going to prepare first. Great preparation means you'll never know we were there when we're gone. We're about to tear off your roof and several tons of roofing material will be coming off the house. We'll protect your home from falling debris - covering the house & the landscaping & protecting your home is vital. Done right, with attention to detail, no worry!

Installation Questions
Fortified Roofing Always Delivers
      Installation Questions
      From start to finish, How long will it take to install my roof?
      After installing 8,000+ roofs we can say, 9 out of 10 times, start to finish, we're done in one day.
      While installing my new roof what happens if it rains?
      We use state of the art weather detection technology together with up to the minute radar so that there is never a surprise during a roof replacement.
      Can I stay home during the roof replacement?
      While it's not necessary to be home, you can remain home while the roof is being replaced.

Step 2 Cleanup is an Integral Part of the Roofing Process.

We've got unique methods that integrate cleanup into everything we do. We've got slides, protecting your house structure below, while we remove the old shingles. And on the ground we're making sure nothing is left behind. We're sweeping every inch of our footprint with magnetic sweepers, making sure anything there leaves with us. All of the debris goes into the dumpster. And, when we're done, the dumpster comes with us. Clean. Tidy. Beautiful!

Cleanup Questions
Fortified Roofing Always Delivers
      Cleanup Questions
      Do I have to worry about nails?
      We will remove and install approximately 32,000 nails during the average new roof installation! Wow that's a lot! We take everyone of those with us, using a variety of methods and make sure there are none left behind.
      Who handles the dumpster?
      We coordinate the drop off and removal of all our dumpsters with several dumpster partners depending upon your location.

Step 3 Inspect & Replace. Making Sure Your Roof Sheathing Matches Your New Roof Life.

Once we've got those old shingles all removed your naked plywood roof is now exposed. Now we're replacing any damaged plywood as needed. We'll make sure the plywood life cycle is as good as the brand new roof life we're about to install. When we're done, the plywood and roof will last the same long lasting life saving you money by repairing what's needed rather than all or most. Sweet.

Inspect & Replace Questions
Fortified Roofing Always Delivers
      Inspect & Replace Question
      How much plywood will I need?
      Fortified only replaces plywood that will not last as long as the life of your new roof. On most homes this is about 3-4 sheets of plywood, but inadequate ventilation or leaks could increase this number. When Fortified is done your whole roof will reach it's full life cycle.

Step 4 Roof Underlayments Everywhere. Ice & Water Shields Where Needed.

We're almost ready to shingle! We deliver roofing materials right to your roof, saving time and money, and it's safer too. Roof Underlayments are an important part of the roofing process. The Underlayments provide extra insurance against leaks and moisture damage to your plywood. Ice shields are waterproof and they're used in all the eaves and valleys. You can't put ice shields everywhere because your house won't breath. Oh oh. Did you know your house has to breathe? No worries, we've got you covered.

Underlayments Questions
Fortified Roofing Always Delivers
      Under the Shingles
      What type of underlayments should I use?
      There are various types of underlayments available which can become costly. Our roofing experts will recommend to you what is best for your specific home and budget.
      Where do the ice and water shields get installed?
      Building codes only require us to install ice and water shields in the eaves. Fortified Roofing fortifies your roof, by installing ice and water shields in all of your valleys as well. This eliminates future problems with your valleys. Valley leaks are often difficult and expensive to repair.

Step 5 Roof Shingles On! A Staggered Pattern, Following Tights Specs for Placement & Nails.

No matter what, proper shingle installation is key. Done correctly, the shingle pattern will operate properly in wind, driving rain, and tough weather conditions. Not done correctly? Well it's your guess. Next, always use top quality shingles. Then shingles must be installed properly to mfg. spec. using correct amount of nails. Cheap out on the nails and your roof will blow away. Real knowledge, real expertise, that's how a roof is successfully installed.

Shingles On Questions
Fortified Roofing Always Delivers
      Specs & Expertise Focus
      What's the difference between contractors?
      All of our focus, management, and experience goes into each roof installed. We're laser focused on being the best roof installer. Period. Other contractors do all sorts of home repairs, and may take on varied projects with little relation to roofing. Fortified's experience is second to none. This experience is vital. Fortified combines precision, expertise, & experience to make each roof a specific solution we'd want for ourselves.
      Are there specs for installation?
      Oh my! Yes. This is important. Shingles are installed so they won't blow off your house. Complicating the matter is the material used has a specific specification unlike it's competitor. Knowing what specs to use for the different materials that are available and following them tightly, is the difference between a questionable roof installation and a forever roof that lasts its expected life cycle.

Step 6 Got Skylights? Vent Pipe Flanges? Got Valleys? Ridge Vents? No Worry. We Gotcha.

Everyone has a vent pipe, a flange, a valley, ridge vents, or something unique that makes attention to detail critical for a worry free roof. The vast majority of leaks come from these items where there is roof penetration. These are key to protecting the home in the future.

Gotcha Questions
Fortified Roofing Always Delivers
      Roof Components
      Should I replace my skylights?
      It's unfortunate, but we all know it's true. Even skylights and their casings have a life span. Fortified typically recommends you replace all skylights over 15 years old. It makes sense and you'll enjoy the result and avoid a failure sooner than you'd like.
      Are there other roof components to replace?
      Fortified takes a similar view of other roof components such as vent pipes, flanges, & ridge vents. If a roof component has passed it's life cycle it makes sense to replace it.

Step 7 Your New Roof is Done! One of 8000+ Fortified Roofs. A Fortified Roof by Fortified.

8000 Roofs installed all over New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. Wow! All we do is roofs! All the focus, all the expertise, all the experience is dedicated in each and every new roof we install. We have the expertise and we've seen it all. We've debugged roof installation 100%. Let's do it. Get Fortified.

Fortified Roofing Always Delivers
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Quality and Professional Roofers Who Care

We know how stressful it is when you need a new roof but don't have the funds. We had a cash-strapped client recently referred to us who had been trying to sell their home without taking a loss for almost 2 years. When they finally found a potential buyer, their roof was the roadblock. The building inspector reported that despite the fact that they hadn't had any roof problems; the roof was at the end of its life. The sale became conditional on that roof being replaced.

The clients, Frank and Judy, having been hit hard by the recession, didn't have the funds to pay roofers for a new roof and blemished credit meant they couldn't qualify for a loan. Their realtor referred them to us. Not only did we do the job without a deposit but we also waited until their closing day for payment --- two months later. Frank and Judy were thrilled with our flexibility and the new homeowners loved their new roof.

As we at Fortified Roofing always like to say: Having a roof over your head is not an option. But, you do have options for having a quality roof at a great price, and that is what we go by in all our roofing work within the Farmingdale and the wider New Jersey community. We’d like to see all our friends and neighbors have a quality roof, which is why we offer both affordable rates and custom financing options.

So, if you are looking for a high-quality new roof for your home as well, or you simply need some additional information or advice, don't hesitate to reach out to your #1 local roofers in Farmingdale, NJ! Fortified Roofing is always at your service.

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