Why Are Solar Roof Shingles The Future of Eco-Friendly Homes in Woodbridge, NJ?


Looking to replace your roof?

Your ideal roofing solution is affordable, durable, and beautiful, but it can also be energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

True; clay tiles, concrete tiles, metal roofing with a reflective coating, and wood shakes all have tangible environmental benefits, but nothing can quite beat solar shingles.

After all, solar shingles are the only eco-friendly roofing solution that actively generates sustainable home energy!

This guide explores why solar roof shingles are ideal for homeowners committed to green living in Woodbridge, NJ — even if curb appeal is one of your main priorities.

Incentives for Renewable Energy in New Jersey Can Reduce the Cost of a Solar Shingle Roof Installation

You may agree that solar technology in residential homes is the ideal way to embrace green living — but does the cost of installing eco-friendly roofing solutions scare you?

Solar roofing technology can have an upfront cost of around $15 per square foot. That doesn’t have to mean the environmental benefits of solar shingles are out of reach for homeowners seeking cost-effective solar solutions in NJ.

Uniquely favorable incentives and rebates have made solar energy adoption in New Jersey a very prosperous move.  Woodbridge residents can also look forward to a number of cost-saving opportunities when discussing their options with the leading solar roofing contractor in Woodbridge.

NJ Net Metering

Homeowners who install solar shingles in Woodbridge can sell the excess energy that they generate back to their utility company at retail rates through NJ’s net metering programs. This potentially means you don’t just save money by installing a full solar shingle roof, but you may also actively make it!

Successor Solar Incentive (SuSI)

NJ residents can also take advantage of the SuSI initiative that encourages utility companies to focus on renewable energy. By generating solar energy at home, you produce SREC-IIs that you can sell to utility companies, allowing you to recoup some of the cost of your brand-new solar roof.

Property Tax Exemption

Homeowners who invest in eco-friendly roofing solutions may be exempt from the property tax that would otherwise be associated with a rise in their home’s value.  Your accountant can give you more details on this incentive and whether it applies to you.

Federal Tax Credits

Finally, federal tax credits play a significant role in recent solar power advancements in Woodbridge. By opting for a solar roof, you can enjoy a Residential Clean Energy Credit that reduces the cost of your new eco-friendly roofing solution by a generous 30 percent!

Why Choose Solar Shingles for Your Woodbridge, NJ Home?

New Jersey homeowners who are excited to embrace a greener and more energy-efficient future while reducing their reliance on the grid will already be familiar with traditional solar panels, but many are discouraged by their bulky appearance.

Thanks to more recent solar roof innovations, you no longer have to choose between solar energy and a beautiful roof.

Modern solar shingles have the appearance of high-end, futuristic roofing solutions while getting you a step closer to off-grid living, explaining why they are among the hottest roofing trend in Woodbridge.

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Solar shingles can be installed on almost every residential roof — which will lead to long-term savings and a reduction in your overall carbon footprint.

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