The Future of Roofing: Exploring Solar Roof Shingles


Have you ever seen a roofing material on someone else’s home that looked very much like asphalt shingles, but it was evident that it was anything but?

If your answer is yes, then you may have seen solar roofing shingles instead, as they are almost identical to asphalt shingles. Since solar roofing technology has expanded, solar shingles resemble traditional shingles even more. Their beneficial twist – they can generate electricity

Eager to find out what exactly solar roof shingles are, how they work, what the difference is between solar shingles and panels, and much more? Find the answers in this blog, where we explain everything. Let’s start with the basics. 

What Are Green Building Materials?

Before we explain what solar roof shingles are and their benefits, we should start from the beginning.

Three billion tons of raw materials are consumed in building and construction every year. This contributes to 40 percent of total global use, and utilizing green building materials has never been more critical.  

But what are green building materials?

Green building materials are recyclable, reusable materials. They can help reduce negative environmental impacts.

Since we all share this planet, it is our duty to look for eco-friendly solutions for the future. So, what can you do to reduce your environmental footprint? As a homeowner, you can install solar roofing shingles. 

Just this one decision can make all the difference for your surroundings. Who knows, maybe your neighbors will be inspired to transition to solar energy as well, after seeing your new shingles!  

What Are Solar Roof Shingles and How Are They Installed?

As mentioned before, solar roof shingles (aka solar roof tiles) are quite similar to asphalt roof shingles. They’re small rectangular solar panel shingles.  These solar shingles rely on solar roofing technology. On the other hand, traditional asphalt shingles do not.  

The idea was to make these new solar tiles look like regular asphalt shingles. Due to the complexities involved in such a venture, their implementation has been slow.

They offer great benefits, but why has there been a problem with their implementation?

Cost effectiveness and efficiency are the answers.  Getting a small solar shingle to produce enough energy to offset your electric bill in such a small package has been difficult, but the technology has finally arrived.  

Solar Shingles vs Solar Panels

Solar roof shingles and solar panels share the same principle – they absorb the sun’s rays and convert the energy into electricity. You can use them for powering your home or office. 

Up until now, solar shingles could not produce as much energy as solar panels at a price that would make going solar an option for most people.  Due to a great deal of investment and research, solar shingles are now a cost effective solution for most homeowners.  

Solar Panels and Solar Shingles Cost

Solar shingles cost slightly more than solar panels, but the disparity in cost is diminishing rapidly.  Eventually it is possible that solar shingles will overtake solar panels and render them obsolete. 

Durability and Warranty – Which Material Is Better?

Solar shingles are more durable than solar panels.  These shingles can actually be walked on after they are installed.  Solar shingles typically offer better warranties and bring less problems since they are designed by roofing manufacturers and installed by roofers.

What Does the Future Hold in Solar Roof Technology?

Semiconductors are used in all electronic devices, especially in the industrial sector. With that being the case, they’re paving the way for future growth in the solar shingle market.

Regarding the future of solar roof technology, it looks bright. With recent updates in solar technology and R&D in the electronics sectors, they’re becoming more accessible.

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