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Are you interested in having someone install skylights on your roof? Fortified Roofing installs VELUX Skylights, a name synonymous with quality in the home and products industry. We would be happy to quote you on installing skylights for your home. There are some great benefits to installing skylights in your home.

Skylights can be excellent aesthetic additions to a home and some people even have them installed in more than one room. They let natural light flow in and can cut your lighting costs in a room by 30% or more as well as improve your heating and cooling costs. They are considered to be a green friendly solution for natural lighting in a home and you can find a number of options available, regardless of your roof configuration. VELUX has a number of high-quality, weather-resistant, and long lasting options in a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles available. VELUX also sells No Leak Skylights with a 20 year warranty on the glass.

There are more options today than ever. Some skylights are flat and others are dome-shaped. VELUX also carries sun tunnel skylights, a tubular daylight device with the benefit of delivering light through an attic, to the main floor of a home, enabling more people than ever to benefit from residential skylights. There are also skylights options with ventilation that can be opened and closed via several methods as well as skylight blinds or shutters so that you can decide just how much light you want to let in.

Skylight installations done as a DIY job often go wrong. Have a professional, such as the pros at Fortified Roofing, install skylights in your home. Using the services of a professional roofing contractor who knows the roofing industry well will ensure that your installation goes smoothly, without risking the stability and integrity of your roof and ensuring you won’t suddenly have leaking skylights. Correct flashing and adhesive underlay as well as knowledge on how skylights should fit into various roof styles is essential in protecting your roof when installing a skylight. Talk to the Fortified Roofing Company about your options, whether you’re having skylights installed into an existing roof or want a new roof that incorporates brand new skylights as part of the design.

We have helped numerous clients with correct installation of skylights and have been in business since 2001. We would be pleased to do a new skylight installation, diagnose problems, or replace old skylights for you.

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VELUX USA is a company that manufactures residential and consumer skylights in a number of styles. They also offer solar water heating systems and other sustainable living products. VELUX has been in business for more than 60 years.

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What should I do if my skylight leaks?

If you notice leaking around skylights, have a professional roofer check the flashing and the seal. Older skylights may need to be resealed between the shingles and flange area. When roofers work to fix a leaking skylight, they will also assess the roof in this area in case the roof, rather than the skylight, is the source of the problem.

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