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Having a roof over your head is not an option. But you do have options for having a quality roof at a great price with the best roofing company in Monmouth County.
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    Fortified Roofing is a licensed insured roofing company serving Monmouth County which has professional roofers known for their highly competent, trustworthy and skilled technique. Their dedication to residential roofing in Monmouth County NJ is shown in the wide range of roofing services they cover and their ability to install most quality roofs in just one day, unlike other roofing companies in the roofing industry. Fortified Roofing provides expert roof installation, and repairs in the course of roof installation, in the residential roofing industry. They are here to protect your home. Not only do they take care of residential roofs but also cover commercial roofing services in a wide service area. Call today and get a free estimate!

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    The benefits of a Fortified Roofing company keeps your home and family safe.
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    Quick, free price quotes give you the information you need when you need it.
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    High Quality, brand name products, including GAF and Owens Corning shingles and Velux skylights, ensure you receive top-notch products.
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    Protects and eases your financial investment with convenient financing options and warranties.
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    Reliable, and expert response to all the common roofing issues! Monmouth County roofing company can provide you with a wide range of services including installing a new roof, gutters, or skylights and taking care of roof leaks, ice dams, and gutter failures in the process. Installing a roof and repairing it as we go will prevent even the smallest issues from escalating and causing costly damage to your home.
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    Most roofs are completed in a single day so you don't have to wait forever to get your new roof.
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    You'll never be left with a mess. Roofing company services include disposal of old roofing material, and each roofer cleans up after the new roof is installed so that you are left with a fresh, clean roof.
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    Fortified Roofing earns GAF's Master Elite roofing contractors designation, placing it in the top 3% of roofers and ensuring that you receive the highest quality installation and repairs.
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    The life of your roof is highly depended on roof maintenance. Fortified roofing offers a professional roofing maintenance service which will ensure that your roof stays well maintained.
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    Monmouth County home and business owners! If you are interested in the installation of the best solar roof shingles, contact us today! Fortified Roofing offers solar panel roof shingle installation at favorable and acceptable prices.
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    Have a question regarding a new roof installation, roof replacement, a roof that was installed improperly, roofing materials, flat roofs, emergency roofing, shingle roofs, skylight installations, or gutters? Do not hesitate to call the roofing professional from Fortified Roofing of Middletown NJ and we will provide you with a free estimate.
    Check FORTIFIED versus the competition!

    Check FORTIFIED versus the competition!

    Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars based on 31 customer reviews.

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    We offer no money down / zero interest options.

    Years of experience and developed roofers keeps Monmouth County homes safe.

    Unlike many other local roofing companies, we specialize strictly in roofing systems in the local area. That means we install and fix roofs all day, every day, and have been doing so for 36 years. Over that time, we’ve installed thousands of local New Jersey roofs. That lengthy, dedicated experience to roofing gives our expert roofers the superior competence needed to provide a high quality, sound roof that withstands all of the weather conditions and issues facing Monmouth County homes.

    When our roofing contractors show up at your home, we are bringing with us that extensive knowledge and skill that ensures we can provide you with the best roof that will protect your home and family for decades to come. Even if you just need some expert advice and a free quote, we’ll give you the attention you deserve and the information you need to protect your home.

    Quick, free estimates and most roofs installed in one day by our an expert roofing contractor.

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