Advantages Of Layered Roofs

Asphalt shingles are some of the most common roofing materials around because of their durability and affordability. Homeowners may have shingles lasting more than several decades, for example. When it’s time to reroof, however, there is labor involved to physically pull the shingles off the decking. During the roof estimation process, ask the Monmouth County roofing contractor about layering the shingles. Adding new shingles on top of the older ones is possible, allowing the residents to benefit from reduced rates and other benefits.

The first obvious benefit to layering shingles is a low-cost reroofing quote. Traditionally, roofers must take at least a half or full day to physically lift all the old shingles off the home. They must show control during this manual process to avoid damaging the exposed roof below. A roof deck inspection is commonly done after removal to ensure the structure is strong enough for the new installation. This labor rate is considerable so removing it completely is a huge discount to the customer.

If the roofing project is facing poor weather or was an emergency call, layering shingles saves time on the job site. Roofers cannot work in driving rain or steady snow, making time a critical factor in a successful replacement scenario. Contractors simply apply the materials and add all the details, such as flashing.

The home is quickly protected from the elements.

Moisture is always the enemy when it comes to structures. Shingles and underlayment materials are the major defenses against leaks entering the home. When contractors add another shingle layer, it only bolsters the home’s protection factor. However, roofers must be experienced with layering. Improper installation still causes possible leaks with novice contractors.

Today’s homeowner is more in tune with the environment than ever before. Choosing a layered roof reduces shingle waste entering local landfills. This environmental savings is significant, especially if the home has a large rooftop. Although contractors try to recycle as many materials as possible, old shingles do end up as waste. Some areas may even charge a fee to haul and dispose of used roofing materials, saving the homeowner even more on the entire job.

Layering shingles has countless benefits, but there is a limit to the layer quantities. Each region has varying regulations, making two to three layers the limit for most residential homes. When reroofing is required again, those layers will need to be replaced entirely. Keep all these concepts in mind when choosing a layering roof job with a qualified contractor. Have a question regarding skylight installation or roof repairs? Ask the roofers from Fortified Roofing of Monmouth County NJ.

Roofers term courtesy of Fortified Roofing, Monmouth County NJ:

Roof deck inspection

Examining the roof’s exposed surface, such as plywood, for any damage. This surface is referred to as the deck because it’s the major roof support structure alongside the beams or trusses. Contractors look for rot, cracks and holes before adding roofing over the deck.

Monmouth County roofers Fortified Roofing answers a question:

Will a roof last longer with two roof layers?

A layered roof should last almost as long as the original roof, but installation issues could lower its longevity. Contractors must properly attach flashing and other protective materials at roofing connection points. If any flashing is warped above a thick shingle layer from poor installation, water could slowly seep into the area and damage the deck below.

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