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In this day of modern structures, roof leaks and damages are the last thing on our minds and do not concern us until we notice the dreadful water stains on the ceiling. Older roof structures are more prone to roof problems, but with harsh weather conditions that are out of our control, even the newest roof can become a victim to roof damage.

In many cases, damage to the roof only gets noticed after a shower of rain when a roof leak is spotted. One might panic and call the nearest handy man to help fix the problem. However, damages to the roof are not that easy to find as the water does not always drip directly under the roof damage. The safest bet is to call a professional roofer like Fortified Roofing in Sicklerville, NJ who can in no time indicate where the problem is coming from and fix it with ease. Professionals like us have years of roofing experience and can get the job done promptly, saving you time and money.  

How will you know if your roof needs repairing?

  • The most obvious sign that you have a roof leakage problem is discoloring or leaks found on your sealing or water running down the inside of your house. Symptoms like this should not be ignored, and a professional should be contacted immediately.
  • If the light is seen through the roof, it means that gaps in the tiles or other roofing materials like insulation are the problem which also needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.
  • Other challenges or structural issues can be noticed through loose shingles or unstable roofing surfaces when you have a look from the outside.
  • In the attic, a foul odor will occur, caused by mold. Roof leaks or a damaged roof timber might be the culprits.
  • Sagging timber can be a severe problem which compromises the support of the roof. If it is not fixed right away, the result can lead to higher costs.

Fortified Roofing in Sicklerville, NJ is certified for all residential roofing services, and we can take care of any problem that you have with your roof. Our team of professionals have years of experience and take care of our customer’s roofing needs as we believe we are the best in what we do.

The rooftop of your house is the protector of your home and should be taken care of in the right way. We use quality roofing materials and systems that will ensure that roof issues are fixed as they should be. Any roofing concerns that you might have can be addressed to us because we are always happy to share our knowledge with homeowners.

Before the heavy rainfall hits, it is possible to prevent damages that can occur on the inside of your home due to leaks, by maintaining your roof in a good condition. Usually, after great winds, roof shingles or other parts of the roof might get loose. Foreign objects and debris can also land on the rooftop which can cause water to gather or even worse, make a hole in your roof. At Fortified Roofing in Sicklerville, NJ, we are always on standby for when emergency roof repair in Sicklerville, NJ is needed, but if you want to take caution, you can always call us for a roof inspection before any real damage gets done. We do an honest roof assessment and will be able to inform you whether maintenance needs to be done, giving you a piece of mind that you will stay dry during the rainy days.

Leaks that are noticed in your roof are not to be taken lightly and taking care of your roof beforehand means that you are one step ahead. A professional should always be called right away when roof damage is detected because in that way you will be able to avoid more serious issues.

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