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A leaky roof is always a burden for a homeowner. Not only does a leak make your ceiling or walls look bad, if it’s not fixed properly it can cause further damage. Once you notice that water stain on your ceiling or wall, and you attribute the leak to damaged or missing flashing, you need to figure out the best way to fix it. Some homeowners may be able to fix some minor flashing damage, but if you’ve never worked on a roof or aren’t familiar with flashing repairs, you should definitely call a professional roofer. There are plenty of Cherry Hill roofing companies that can fix your flashing and prevent future leaks and probably get the job done in just a couple of hours.

Flashing is simply the term used to describe the material that’s used to cover the joints and wall area to prevent leaking. Common areas of a roof that have flashing include the chimney, valleys of the roof, skylights, dormers, and ventilation pipes. When this material becomes damaged, it can no longer function properly and you begin to notice leak spots within your home.

When a contractor works on your roof, they often construct their own flashing using sheet metal, but there is also pre-formed flashing that attaches to the roof with a strong adhesive. The most common problems include flashing that has come loose and rain and moisture is getting underneath, or the flashing is starting to corrode from weather damage and moisture is slowly starting to build underneath it.

You can work on repairing roof flashing yourself by patching up any corroded pieces until you can get a professional roofer out to replace it.

To patch up a corroded piece of flashing you can cut flashing to fit the corroded area and then place it over the damaged area. Use nails to adhere the flashing so that a roofer can easily remove the flashing and replace it with fresh materials. If you need to remove the current flashing in order to create a temporary fix, pry up the old flashing, cut the new materials to size and apply it to the damaged area.

Minor damage can often be fixed with a flashing patch or asphalt cement. It’s common to find this type of damage in the valleys of your roof. You will need to make sure there is no mold or corrosion before you repair it, and clean the area thoroughly if you notice any mold or algae growing on the roof. If it’s your chimney flashing that’s corroded or damaged, create a temporary patch for the flashing and then have a professional roofer fix it.

Working on a roof is always dangerous. If you’re uncomfortable climbing onto your roof, or are unfamiliar with how to walk on the slope of a roof, you should call a professional roofer to look at your flashing and repair your leaks. By using a roofer you will not only get the job done safely, but you will be able to get damaged parts replaced and not just patched up temporarily. The roofing experts at Fortified Roofing of Cherry Hill NJ can assist you with any questions regarding a roof repair or skylights..

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This is the material, commonly aluminum or steel, used on a roof to prevent water from seeping into cracks and crevices. It also protects the seams of a roof and provides water protection around the edges of chimneys and skylights. It allows rainwater to roll smoothly off the roof rather than settling in the crevices.

Cherry Hill roofing contractor Fortified Roofing answers a commonly asked question:

What are some common roof problems that cause leaks?

When you have a leak it’s commonly caused by damaged or missing shingles, damaged or missing flashing, or rotted areas of the roof. Shingles can crack or be blown astray by heavy winds, causing water to seep through the roof. Flashing can become corroded or damaged, resulting in leaks near ceiling corners and walls. Rotting occurs due to age or failure to maintain the roof properly. A professional roofer can repair damages that are causing leaks.

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