Choosing a Roofing Company

Tips For Choosing A Roofing Company

Just like buying a home, reroofing that structure is something the average consumer rarely needs to do. When it comes time for new roofing, most people don’t know which company to call. By doing some research into the local roofing industry, asking friends and neighbors for referrals, and being prepared with the right questions, a homeowner can find the right professional team to put a new roof on before the old one gives out. Cherry Hill roofing companies have the local expertise to meet the needs of area residents.

Using a local roofing contractor not only supports the business community but also has other advantages too. It is easier to find neighbors who are familiar with a local roofing firm and can vouch for the quality of its work. Also, should a dispute about the finished roof arise, a local firm is easier to contact and is likely to resolve any problems more quickly than a company based in another town.

Savvy consumers always seek more than one bid on big home improvement projects, and a new roof is among the largest they will ever commission. Talking with different professionals and asking the same questions of each gives consumers plenty of information that helps them evaluate their options.

Asking each candidate for a list of references is essential. Reputable contractors will have references close at hand. If a candidate is hesitant to give references, this is cause for suspicion.

The roofing experts at Fortified Roofing of Cherry Hill NJ can assist you with any questions regarding skylights or a roof repair.

Homeowners should ask each company that tenders a bid for proof of bonding and liability insurance. The bid itself should provide the company’s physical address, phone number, email address and state contractor’s number. If any of this information is missing, they should ask for it.

Another question to ask each candidate is how many workers will be on site during the job and how much experience they have. What is the name of the foreman on the job? This information should be readily available to the customer.

The bid itself should be in writing, and it should be detailed. It should clearly state the type, brand and style of roofing material that the estimate is based upon. The bid should include the start and completion dates for the roofing project, a list of other materials to be used, a description of the specific work to be done, how site cleanup is handled and how the company protects the safety of residents and workers during the project.

Homeowners who select roofing materials that require special expertise, such as slate or clay shingles, should make sure that each bidder is qualified to install those products prior to signing a contract. Hiring an inexperienced roofer to install expensive roofing may end up costing far more than an initial quote in terms of damaged roofing or water damage from leaks.

Once all quotes are in, homeowners should check references for each firm. The final selection should take into account not only the quoted price but the reputation of the roofing firm and the strength of its customer feedback.The roofing experts at Fortified Roofing of Cherry Hill NJ can assist you with any questions regarding skylights or a roof repair.

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Companies such as general contractors, roofing contractors, temp agencies and government contractors obtain bonding, which backs the firm’s promise to perform the work that it has contracted to do. Bonding also reimburses customers for any damage or theft done by the company’s employees.

Cherry Hill roofing FAQ of the day:

What if the roofing contractor’s final bill is significantly more than the initial quote?

The first step is to speak with the contractor and find out what caused the price increase. A reputable roofer will have a clear and specific answer, such as a raise in the costs of materials. If the explanation is vague or the contractor refuses to discuss it, a homeowner’s primary recourse is going to court.

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