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Fortified Roofing is a full-service construction company that will take care of your construction project from start to finish. With our skilled and experienced team, no aspect will be missed or forgotten in your project, as we have experts in charge of every phase of the process. Hiring us means hiring the best in the construction business and getting a high-quality, functional building.


Our work begins before we break ground before the construction phase itself has started. The pre-construction phase includes complete and detailed design reviews, constructability analyses, building permits acquisition, and value engineering, as well as thorough, accurate and easy to understand estimates. We will help you obtain the best quality for your property within your budget, as well as reconcile your expectations with real and practical solutions.

Construction Management

Every construction project needs a quality and reliable construction and project manager. Our construction managers ensure that every aspect goes over smoothly and that all participants form a solid collaboration for optimal results. They are able to reach informed and well-analyzed decisions quickly, based on relevant experience and ability.

They oversee the planning and design, the execution and construction, and in the end, the post-construction phase. They take care of quality control, documentation, budget, timely payments, coordinate work on site, and upon completion, resolve any issues and disputes that may arise.


Design-build is a relatively new method that has helped the efficiency of the entire construction project. With this approach, we bring together the design and the construction team under one, mutual management. This makes coordination significantly easier and minimizes any risk of mistakes.

Through this collaboration, the design is much more easily adapted to the present circumstances on the construction site, and it will save you both time and money, which are very valuable in these projects.

Building Services

The construction phase itself is carried out at the highest standards of quality. With a well-organized and coordinated team such as ours at Fortified Roofing, the construction of the building is carried out according to minutely defined plans and designs, to the utmost satisfaction of the client. With cutting-edge equipment and methods, as well as with professionally trained and highly-skilled workers, we deliver outstanding results in the form of reliable, highly functional and sustainable buildings, all within the designated timeline and budget.


Even when your building is completed, our job is still not done. We are there to take care of all the post-construction details and to make sure your building is ready to be used without any complications. Some of the aspects we may have to deal with are potential construction disputes and warranty issues. We conduct final analyses and inspections and resolve everything to the client’s utmost satisfaction.

Every team member is highly committed to the successful completion of every project, and due to that commitment, our extensive experience in construction, state-of-the-art technology, and equipment, we provide the best and most competitive construction services. With us, you cannot go wrong, and you will always get what you have envisioned.

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