Evaluating Roof Repair Versus Replacement

The roof is one household system that doesn’t receive the attention it needs until there’s an interior issue, such as a leak in the attic. As any Monmouth County roofing professional will tell homeowners, it’s important to have the roof inspected for any damage at least once a year. If a major storm pushes through the area, residents need to know if a roof remained in proper working order or repairs are necessary. With the help of a qualified contractor, homeowners should consider several factors determining the choice between a repair or replacement roof.

A contractor provides a detailed account of the roof’s damage. They may even have a schematic to help homeowners visualize the roof surface. If the professional points out a handful of broken or missing shingles, a basic repair job is an easy solution. The rest of the roof could be in perfect working order, making it a waste to actually remove and dispose of the material.

Major storms or winds can pull or damage entire roofing sections. Professionals must evaluate both the roofing material and exposed decking below. If the decking is substantially damaged, a roof replacement is usually necessary. Contractors will pull off all the roofing and expose the decking. Some or all the decking will be replaced to provide a strong support for the new roof.

An estimate is always given to the homeowners before any of these major projects begin.

After each rainstorm, homeowners may notice shingle pieces or debris flowing with the water. When the roof is literally disintegrating with each storm, it’s time to replace the material. Homeowners must gauge when it’s the best time to replace the roof after this realization. Although it may not be leaking now, the damage is consistent with each weather event. The shingles will eventually have no material left, causing possible water damage in the home as leaks become frequent.

Another good reason to replace the roof entirely is updating the home’s appearance. Old shingles may give way to a metal rooftop, for example. Remodeling projects often include the roof, giving the home a brand new look for an impending sale or just assurance for the current family that the structure is protected from the elements.

Putting off an obvious roof replacement only costs homeowners more over the years. Even the repaired sections may not have as much structural value as they would in a newly replaced roof, for instance. Work closely with the contractor to find an affordable and safe way to update the roofing material. Have a question regarding new gutters or skylight installation? Ask the roofers from Fortified Roofing of Monmouth County NJ.

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Flat surface of the roof commonly made of plywood. Roofing materials connect directly to the decking so contractors inspect this section intently to avoid any structural issues. A roof’s strength and longevity stems from a strong deck and proper installation.

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Are shingles easier to install than metal roofs?

Installing any new roof is a painstaking process because each material must be firmly attached to the decking. Both shingles and metal roofs are installed in sections, but the metal pieces must have stronger fasteners and corresponding tools for proper installation. Each contractor has their own opinion, but metal tends to be more labor-intensive than shingles.

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