With our general contracting services, our clients receive full, quality service and a guarantee of a successful project completed on time. Our clients measure us by our professionalism and quality in both workmanship and attention to detail in our day-to-day job site activities and put their trust in us due to our distinct ability to manage the project cost, stay within budget, and finish the project within the projected timeline.

We Obtain Permits and Approvals

As your general contractor, one of our first duties is obtaining all of the necessary building permits and approvals after we’ve studied the proposed design plans and specifications. Our job is to make sure everything is in order and in accordance with all regulations so that when we begin the construction process, there are no delays or issues.

We Put Your Design Plans into Action

Our main task is moving your design plans into the building phase and ensuring that every step of the actual construction process is carried out according to those plans. Fortified Roofing consistently exceeds our clients’ expectations by delivering outstanding results faithful to the client’s plans, specifications, and conditions. Our team consists of skilled professionals with a distinct ability to adapt to the client’s wishes, needs, and requirements.

We Hire and Manage Subcontractors

We provide high-quality labor in the form of carefully vetted and prequalified subcontractors, specialized to perform all portions of the construction work. The subcontractors we hire are selected based on our prior experience and successful cooperation with them, i.e., based on their stability and the quality of work they do. This ensures successful collaboration and provides the client with the highest value and quality of their project.

We Provide All Material and Equipment

Apart from providing quality labor, our responsibility is to acquire the best quality materials and equipment needed for the construction work on your project, including tools and engineering vehicles. We only work with verified and high-quality suppliers and manufacturers–usually with those with whom we have collaborated before, to ensure the best value, efficiency, and optimal results for our clients.

We Coordinate Jobsite Activities

Ensuring the highest standards and levels of cooperation and coordination is one of our main strengths when it comes to the job site itself. We successfully manage all the day-to-day activities for maximum efficiency and effectiveness of the project. We provide site surveying and engineering, manage the personnel on site, monitor and coordinate schedules and daily work tasks, and ensure maximum safety of the property and the personnel. Our number one priority is safety on the job site, and to ensure that, we conduct regular safety meetings and inspections.

We Manage Cost Control

With our substantial experience in general contracting and construction projects, we have developed excellent cost control techniques and methods, so that we are always able to stay within the budget and manage all costs efficiently. This is what sets us apart from the rest and why our clients recognize us as a valued and trustworthy partner.

If you are looking for a general contractor that can provide you with premium-quality workmanship at the best price, don’t hesitate to call us today.

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