How to Make Your Own Electricity in New Jersey


When it comes to your monthly electricity bill in New Jersey, it consists of two distinct components. The first part of your bill corresponds to the specific amount of electricity you used, while the second half reflects your power companies’ costs for transmission and distribution systems.

Therefore, supplying homeowners with financial ease and lowering their electricity bills on a monthly basis, and the availability of so many different renewable options to choose from is a blessing. One such strategy is implementing renewable energies via self-generation materials that capture natural resources in order to produce electricity. 

Since solar shingles are just one solution among many, keep reading to learn more about other ways to generate your energy in New Jersey. 

How to Make Your Own Electricity? 

New Jersey homeowners are in a fortunate position due to the solar-friendly regulations in the state, allowing them to install solar panels on their residences. As a result, homeowners can reduce electricity expenses by incorporating alternative energy sources like solar and wind power.


Solar panels and solar shingles that absorb sunlight and transform it into usable electricity are called photovoltaics (PV). These photovoltaic cells are typically constructed from silicon layers. 

When photons from sunlight hit the PV material, they create energy. These panels produce DC electricity that must be converted to the more common alternating current (AC) for usage in residences. 


Installing wind turbines is an attractive option that provides various benefits, including the potential to save money on monthly energy bills and the promotion of sustainable endeavors. This principle works in a way when the wind blows, the blades of the turbine begin to rotate, ultimately transforming the wind’s kinetic energy into electrical power. 

Because of this, choosing a place with consistently strong wind speeds is crucial to guarantee that the wind turbine will generate sufficient electricity for the entire household.

Biomass systems

Biomass heating methods generate heat from organic materials like wood, wood pellets, and yard waste. That said, New Jersey residents and business owners can save money, the environment, and their health by switching to biomass heating systems.

Compared to conventional fossil fuels like heating oil and propane, these organic materials can often produce the same amount of heat. 

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