Ten Ways to Keep Your Home Safe


Security Alarm

If you are thinking about installing a security alarm, think no more! In our society, it has become normal, if not a must, to have a safety alarm. A home without one has much more prominent chances of getting broken into!

Guard Dog

Let’s ignore technology for a moment and take a look at another angle. Dogs have been protectors for hundreds of years, so, instead of investing in another security camera, it might be a good idea to get a guard dog. This is, however, demanding; it takes much energy and patience to properly train a guard dog since they are not lap dogs, they are not just pets. A properly trained guard dog can do wonders for keeping the intruders away from your home.

Smart Lighting

Smart lighting can make breaking in so difficult for robbers that they decide to give up. However, this is not the only thing intelligent lighting can protect you from. There are also things such as floodlights!

Be Careful with Keys

Having multiple locks can help protect your home, also be careful who you trust your keys with. It doesn’t mean your friend is a burglar, but their minor mistake of leaving the keys somewhere for a moment could be crucial for your belongings. Also, investing in smart locks that open using your fingerprint is not a bad idea!

Get to Know Your Neighbors

The most affordable way of protecting your home is knowing your neighbors. Neighbors whom you have a good relationship with will likely contact police and you if he/she notices something suspicious.

Strengthen Your Locks

Burglars most often come in using force-breaking locks, doors, windows, etc. Therefore, the industry launched lock strengtheners. This is a cheap but effective way to prevent losing your precious items.

Be Picky with Windows

In addition to locks, windows also represent an easy access to your interior. Even amateur burglars are able to break the windows and intrude into your personal space. So be picky with windows. Choose materials and contractors wisely. We recommend you to install laminated windows and an additional layer of glass for ultimate protection.

Cover It Up

Keep your windows covered and lights on so you can keep intruders from even thinking about breaking into your property. You don’t need to put on dark curtains, just make sure your curtains are not completely see-through. You can even make it look good by pairing the roof color up with the curtains – and you can feel free to contact Fortified Roofing, the top roofing contractor in Bensalem, PA, to help you with that.

Smoke Alarm

Smoke alarms can be extremely helpful in case of fire, especially smart alarms. Smart smoke alarms contact ER and police right away which can be tremendously helpful in saving your family and belongings.

Carbon Dioxide Alert

Carbon dioxide- gas that is impossible for humans to smell has caused hundreds of deaths. In the 21st century, this has to change. Manufacturers launched carbon dioxide alerts that detect the gas and warn about them while it is still not too late!