Roofing Project File

Keep A Roofing Project File

Whether you prefer the old fashioned accordion file or a virtual file on your desktop, keeping all of your new roof documents in one place helps you stay organized throughout this major project. From the earliest stages of planning to your final payment, keeping good records for quick reference, financial purposes and follow-up is a sound strategy.

Even prior to getting started on a new roof, start a project file. If a friend raves about the contractor who just redid her roof, make a note of it. If your brother has nothing good to say about the roofer he hired for repairs, put that in your file too. These comments will give you a place to start when lining up Marlton roofing bids for your project.

Make notes on other roofs that attract your attention as you go about your daily routines. Jot down colors, shingle profiles, and finishing touches that you like or dislike. Notes like these make great references when it comes time to select materials for your new roof.

When you are ready to get down to business, compile a list of local roofers that come with the recommendations of friends and family. For each contractor, create a page headed with the name of the firm, its address or email address and its phone number. You can fill in the details on the remainder of the page when you start calling for bids.

For each call you make to a contractor, note down the answers to your most important questions, such as whether the company provides free estimates. Get a general idea how busy the company is during the current season because, depending on the condition of your existing roof, time may be of the essence. Also note your personal impressions, if any, of the person who took your call. A responsive and patient staff person indicates the company places a premium on quality customer service.

When representatives look at your roof, put the written estimate, any brochures they provide, and your personal notes in your project file. When you review these later to make your contractor choice, your notes will help in your decision. For example, you may think twice about accepting the lowest bid if you felt the estimator was too vague in answering your questions.

After making the choice of a roofing contractor, keep a copy of the signed contract for the project in your folder. It will be readily available should you need to double-check any of the provisions while the reroofing is taking place. Also, keep a receipt for your down payment and any subsequent payments clipped to the contract for quick verification of where you stand financially. You will be prepared with the records close at hand should a question arise.

By having all of your documents in a single project file, all of the information you may need is easy to find. Be sure to keep the file safe once your roof is finished. Roofing materials come with warrantees that extend over decades, so you may need your file several years down the road. Have a question regarding roofing, gutters or new skylights? Please ask Fortified Roofing of Marlton NJ today!

Term of the day, courtesy of Fortified Roofing, Marlton NJ:

Written estimate

A written estimate is an itemized document that projects the costs of each component of your reroofing project. It should include labor, materials, disposal costs and any other charges, including the tax rate, for your project.

A Marlton roofing contractor answers a commonly asked question:

What if a contractor charges a fee to provide a written estimate?

If a contractor wants to charge for a roofing estimate, find out why. Perhaps the firm offers extra services that the competitors do not. If the fee is simply to cover the estimator’s time and effort, think twice. Chances are good that most contractors in your area are willing to do what it takes, free of charge, to win your business.

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