Practical Questions About Roofing

The roofing materials currently on the market are warranted to last for decades, so most homeowners rarely face reroofing their homes, and consequently, most people are inexperienced in evaluating bids for roof renovations. If you find yourself faced with reroofing your home, don’t be hesitant to ask your Marlton roofing contractor the practical questions that will help you make good decisions in preserving your home investment.

Find out how long the entire reroofing process will take; you need to know this in order to plan any necessary revisions in your household schedule. If a family member works from home, for instance, that person may elect to relocate during the project to a quieter location. Similarly, if a family member works at night and sleeps during the day, he or she may want to find an alternative place to camp while the roofing crew is on site. Also, knowing when to expect the work to be completed allows you to postpone get-togethers at your home until the dust has settled. Having a due date in sight when work will be complete makes the inconvenience more tolerable as well.

Ask the contractor how often the roofing crew removes debris from your job site while the project is ongoing. If you have pets, you’ll want to make sure they won’t be injured by stepping on nails or old roofing shingles from a tear-off littering your yard. Your neighbors may be unhappy if the site is continually untidy. Also, unless the crew keeps trash and new materials contained, your children may not have the use of your yard until the work is complete.

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Ask the contractor to explain how he or she typically supervises a roofing project. During their busiest season, companies may have several projects going in several locations, and you should make sure that the crew on your roof gets adequate supervision. Some firms assign a dedicated foreman for each crew while others do not. Discuss typical procedures with your contractor to see how he or she configures staff for each project.

Find out what type of permit your city or county requires for a roofing project; ask how to arrange for a follow-up inspection if necessary. A locally-based contractor can answer these questions, but when in doubt, call your city or county building office to get direct information.

Ask the contractor who you are considering for the job to show you what kind of contract the company uses. If it includes a lot of fine print, take a few moments to go over it with the roofer until you are comfortable with the terms. This will make you better informed about the company’s policies when the time comes to sign on the dotted line.

Before giving your contractor the go-ahead for the job, discuss payment options. Some contractors may agree to a payment schedule, while others ask for payment upon completion of the work. Most request a deposit of around 10 percent of the total cost when you sign a work agreement. Never agree to pay the entire balance before you approve the finished work.Have a question regarding roofing, gutters or new skylights? Please ask Fortified Roofing of Marlton NJ today!

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