Benefits and Disadvantages Of Metal Roofs

There are several advantages to having a metal roof installed on a building or home. One benefit that is the most surprising to property owners is a metal roof can last for as long as 60 years. Building owners that have a metal roof installed can expect to get a quality product that will pay for itself many times over during its lifespan.

Another advantage to applying metal to the roof of a structure is that metal needs much less maintenance than a shingled roof. Metal also weighs less than shingles made from asphalt or cedar planks, meaning that the roof is less likely to sag. Galvanized steel is one of the materials used to cover a roof, and it is corrosion-resistant. Middlesex county roofers use the same type of metal for the flashing, creating an impermeable barrier that is resistant to leaks. Using metal flashing saves building owners money in overall maintenance and repairs.

A third benefit to using metal roofs is that owners can save a lot of money over the lifespan of the roof. One way that costs are saved is through insurance discounts given for using metal products.

Sometimes, building owners can receive a refund on their taxes for using products such as metal roofs on a structure. The most significant savings comes from the money reclaimed from the lower heating and cooling costs of a building. Using metal for the roof means that it will soak up less sunlight since the metal is not as dark as asphalt shingles.

Property owners that use metal on their roofs help the environment. Aluminum and steel are recyclable products, and when the roof needs replacing, they can be recycled again. The use of these kinds of metals helps the environment by decreasing the materials that would be placed in a landfill.

A final benefit of metal is that it increases the overall value of a structure. Because the lifespan of a metal roof is longer than one made with other materials, the property maintains the value that would typically decrease over time. Higher home and business values give owners a better chance to regain some of their investment if they opt to sell later.

There is only one detriment to using metal on a roof. The initial cost of a metal roof is two to three times more than other roofing materials. Through its longevity, low maintenance and energy savings, a metal roof offers cost savings in the long run. The roofers at Fortified Roofing of Middlesex County NJ can answer your questions regarding new roofs or roof repairs.

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Flashing is a material used as a transition between chimneys or vents and roofing material. The flashing can be made from tin, aluminum, copper and other materials. It is used to provide a seal to keep water from getting under the roof and causing water damage and leaks.

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How long does a metal roof last?

Typically, a metal roof can last for anywhere between 40 and 60 years, depending on the climate and whether regular inspections are performed. It is best to have an expert conduct an annual exam to check for leaks and damage. One of the biggest reasons that metal roofs are so durable is because they are water-resistant and provide a solid barrier between the roof’s surface and the structure underneath.

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