Maintaining A Metal Roof

Metal roofs are touted for their superior lifespans and energy efficiency, and they are becoming increasingly popular as homeowners discover the numerous decorative options that are now available for metal roofs. A metal roof may last 50 years or more with comparatively less maintenance than an asphalt shingle roof. Homeowners should be knowledgeable of the minimal yet important upkeep requirements that will help their roof last even longer.

Homeowners who have a metal roof should schedule regular inspections, especially after seasons of heavy snowfall, high winds and severe storms. Middlesex county roofers are available to perform a comprehensive inspection that includes evaluating the interior of the home and closely examining the external roof, including the chimney and the gutters. The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends having a home’s roof inspected twice each year to maximize lifespan and minimize the need for more serious, expensive repairs.

Metal roof owners should have fastener gaskets and sealants inspected and replaced if necessary. Sealants typically do not last longer than 20 years; however, some butyl sealants may retain their elasticity and bond much longer. Metal surfaces that are painted should be touched up as needed to prevent rust from forming. As the roof’s seams expand and shrink with extreme weather changes, the seams may ultimately separate, or holes may form.

Semiannual inspections are essential for timely detection of gaps and holes, which should be repaired immediately to protect the roof’s underlying structure from more extensive damage. If a metal roof has not been treated with an anti-corrosive agent, the homeowner should consider having the metal treated or retrofitted with a roofing shield to prevent weather and corrosion damage. Scratches should also be repaired immediately as a scratched surface may lend itself to rusting more easily.

While some homeowners may feel comfortable performing a simple visual inspection of the roof’s surface, semiannual inspections and repairs should be left to the professionals. A knowledgeable, experienced roofer will be able to suggest the most budget-friendly and appropriate options for maintaining the integrity of a homeowner’s roof and extending its lifespan. Although metal roofs can last a lifetime, consumers should realistically expect that their roof might develop minor leaks, rust spots or loose laps over time. These issues should be immediately corrected by a licensed roofing specialist. Despite the potential need for minor maintenance, a metal roof will pay for itself over time as the need for major repairs or total replacement generally never emerges. The roofers at Fortified Roofing of Middlesex County NJ can answer your questions regarding gutters or roof repairs.

Term from the roofers at Fortified Roofing, Middlesex County NJ:

Butyl sealants

Butyl sealants comprise a category of rubber-based caulks that work especially well with metals and are capable of bonding in wet conditions. Over time, sealants may shrink, thus creating a leak. A roof’s sealant should be replaced according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Middlesex County roofers FAQ:

Can a metal roof be damaged by hail?

Although metal roofs may sustain cosmetic damage as a result of a hail storm, the structural integrity of the roof is generally not compromised. Many homeowners who choose heavily textured metal shake or metal shingle roofs report that these products offer additional resistance from impact damage that may result from hail. In these cases, hail damage that does occur is often hidden by the textured pattern of the shake or shingle.

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