Modern Skylights Increase Comfort

Many homeowners would love to have a skylight in every room but are hesitant because of their reputation for leaking, dripping condensation and transmitting heat and cold into the home’s interior, making heating and cooling in a room with a skylight very difficult. However, many of these problems are no longer true of skylights. Recent advances in technology have made today’s skylights energy efficient and leak free. Homeowners who are considering installing a skylight can contact reliable Middlesex County roofers to answer any questions they may have about which skylight would be right for their home.

Made from a single pane of glass and unable to be opened, early skylights were very primitive. They often broke, became hazy or leaked incessantly. Today’s skylights bear little resemblance to their predecessors except that they are still, by definition, windows in the ceiling. Some skylights are guaranteed against leaking when they are installed with the recommended flashing by the manufacturer’s factory certified contractors.

Modern homeowners who want to install a skylight have many options. Today’s skylights come with two or more panes of low-E glass that have an inert gas sandwiched between the panes, making them as energy efficient as many traditional replacement windows. These skylights keep out the heat that made older skylights increase a room’s indoor temperature.

They also filter out the UV rays that cause carpets and upholstery to fade. To see which skylights are the most energy efficient, homeowners can compare the NFRC labels that are required to be placed on every window and skylight.

Modern skylights can also be opened and shut to let hot air escape when it naturally rises to the ceiling. These skylights, called vented skylights, help keep houses cool in the summertime by allowing hot indoor air to escape. Many homeowners especially love vented skylights in the fall because combining open windows and an open skylight is often enough to keep the indoor temperature pleasant without using the HVAC system. This saves money and allows fresh air to flow through the house, which improves indoor air quality.

There are different types of vented skylights. Some are opened manually from the inside with a rod and prop system. Others are solar powered and automated or activated by a thermostat. An opening mechanism might be powered by a battery that is kept charged via a photovoltaic cell attached to the skylight’s exterior frame.

Skylights have come a long way. Homeowners who want to install a skylight can experience all the benefits of bringing natural light into their homes without the worry that formerly accompanied skylight installation. Today’s modern skylights carry an Energy Star approval, are leak free and could even qualify homeowners for a tax credit. The roofing experts at Fortified Roofing of Middlesex County NJ can answer your questions regarding new roofs or skylights.

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The National Fenestration Ratings Council is a nonprofit organization that rates the performance of doors, windows and skylights in order to empower consumers who want to make energy-efficient decisions when purchasing these items. The NFRC label is not a recommendation but a description of the product’s performance.

Middlesex County NJ roofing experts from Fortified Roofing answer a common question:

What are the benefits of a vented skylight?

A vented skylight has many benefits. Because they open, they can encourage circulation inside the home, improving indoor air quality. If a vented skylight is installed in a bathroom, it can easily allow moisture and odors to escape the bathroom without the need for a motorized fan, which saves money. Finally, vented skylights allow the condensation that tends to form on the windows during cooler days to escape before it drips back into the house.

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