Pros and Cons Of Slate Roofs

Slate continues to be used on roofs after hundreds of years due to its durability and attractive appearance. It is currently one of the most popular types of roofing materials to use on both residential and commercial properties. For those who are considering installing a new roof, there are a few pros and cons to the material.

One of the main benefits of slate roofs is its longevity and durability. Slate is known to last 100 to 125 years if it’s maintained well. Many Middletown roofing professionals also offer a 100-year warranty with the slate roofs that are installed to ensure that future repairs are covered if they’re needed. This makes it an ideal roofing material for those who plan to stay on the property long term.

Natural slate also offers aesthetic appeal and can increase the value of the property due to its contemporary design. It’s available in a variety of different shades, including purple, black, gray, green, and red tiles that can be used together or separately. The tiles are shaped by hand and come in a variety of different sizes and levels of thickness for a number of options. Slate also maintains its appearance during its lifespan and will not fade or diminish in color with sun exposure.

Although slate tiles offer a number of benefits, there are also a few drawbacks to be considered. The material has a high price tag, costing an average of $250 to $600 per square. Extra fees can also be added if there are more eaves or valleys that are present on the roof. The roof’s structure and any complexities that are present can increase the overall cost of the installation. The cost of a slate roof installation is anywhere from $400 to $1,000 per square for a premium cost that may not be ideal for most households.

The heavy weight of slate is also a drawback and can prevent it from being used on certain types of buildings due to a lack of support that is available. Slate has an average weight of 800 to 1,500 pounds per square. In some cases, reinforcements can be used on weaker buildings to support the roof.

Slate is also fragile and can crack easily when too much pressure is applied, which can make it difficult to walk on the roof. If a tile is broken, it can be challenging to find a replacement that matches the rest of the roof. Have a question regarding skylight installations or new roofs? Ask a roofing professional from Fortified Roofing of Middletown NJ.

Common roofing term explained by Fortified Roofing of Middletown NJ:


A part of a roof where the roof deck hangs over the walls of a building. This allows water to drain off of the roof and is located at the lower edge of the structure.

Middletown roofing FAQ:

What are the different variations of slate roofs that are available?

Diamond pattern, random widths, side lapped slate, and graduated slate are all available with the natural roofing material. All of the slate is stone, but each type of slate differs. Each slate is fastened to the roof with two different nails with a headlap that is three inches in size, which prevents the roof from leaking.

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