Replacing A Residential Roof

Each type of roofing material has a different lifespan and various levels of durability. As the roof wears and ages, it can cause damage to the property and lead to leaks inside of the home. For homeowners who are looking to replace their roof, there are a few signs to look for when the structure is no longer providing an adequate amount of protection on the building.

It’s important to hire a professional Middletown roofing professional to perform an inspection on the roof. This will allow you to learn of defects or damage that may be present on the structure. The roofer will be able to estimate how much longer it will last and recommend when it should be replaced.

The flashing on the roof should also be inspected to determine if it’s worn or has aged. If leaks are present inside of the home, the flashing is likely no longer protecting the interior structure from leaks. Flashing that is no longer secure can cause water to seep in because the roof isn’t sealed properly.

Sagging is another sign that the structure is no longer durable.

Sagging occurs when a portion of the roof begins to sink in, which can make the roof susceptible to caving in if too much pressure is applied. Not only does this threaten the safety of residents in the home, but it also causes the roof to appear damaged and worn, resulting in reduced curb appeal on the property. Although sagging can be repaired, most professional roofers recommend replacing the entire structure.

Another sign that the roof needs to be replaced is if shingles or tiles continue to fall off the structure or become loose. If the roofing materials are not secure, then the home is not adequately protected and can cause the roof deck to be exposed. This can cause a number of leaks to develop and water damage to occur inside of the building. The shingles may also be curled due to excessive sun or heat exposure. Homeowners might even find shingle granules in their rain gutters.

Instead of just looking for issues on the roof when determining when to replace it, homeowners also need to take the age of the structure into consideration. Each roofing material has a different lifespan, which will hint when it’s losing its durability. Most roofs typically last 20 to 25 years, but the climate of the location can influence its lifespan. Have a question regarding new roofs or skylight installations? Ask a roofing professional from Fortified Roofing of Middletown NJ.

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Granules are made from natural rock and are used on asphalt shingles on roofs. The rock is crushed and coated with ceramic, but it can become brittle and loose when it begins to deteriorate on the shingle.

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What type of roofing material has the longest lifespan?

Slate roofs are known to last 100 to 125 years before they need to be replaced. The product is extremely heavy and is made out of rock, which allows it to withstand various types of climates and weather conditions. The roofs also need a minimal amount of maintenance and care during their lifespan.

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