Skylight Installation

If you are planning on adding a skylight to your favorite room in the house, hiring a middletown roofing specialist is imperative. Installing a skylight in the roof is a complex procedure that needs to be done with care to ensure that there is no damage caused to the roof structure and that future rain and snow will not cause a leak.

To properly install a skylight in a roof, the roofing professional must first take a series of measurements before deciding placement. The southern and western slopes of the roof receive the most sunlight year-round and will naturally provide more direct light into the room. However, more direct light also means more heat, which will need to be dissipated or blocked during the hottest summer months, either with blinds or ventilation.

Depending on whether your house has an attic space between the ceiling and the roof, you may also have to factor in a light shaft. This will create a tunnel for the light to pass through while simultaneously redirecting the light in the right direction. This light shaft will create walls that block out that portion of the attic. Skylight manufacturers will generally make recommendations for window size and light shaft orientation based on the slope of your roof and where you want to place your new skylight.

At the time of installation, the roofing professional will need to take great pains to keep the surrounding roof intact. Additional flashing will have to be installed and can often be weaved in between the existing shingles so that the surface lines up flush with the new window without any gaps. There will also have to be a strong supporting structure added inside the attic to keep the window in place, especially during high winds and under the load of heavy snow or other weather.

Ultimately, the biggest challenge of properly installing a skylight is planning everything correctly ahead of time and making sure you have the materials and tools necessary to do the job. A well-placed skylight can bring plenty of natural light and heat into a room, but skylights that are not installed well can cause significant damage and cause your roof to leak. A qualified roofing professional will be able to give you detailed information about the best placement and sizing options for your installation and show you what steps they will take to keep the installation well sealed against all weather conditions. Have a question regarding new roofs or gutters? Ask a roofing professional from Fortified Roofing of Middletown NJ.

Term explained by roofing contractor Fortified Roofing, Middletown NJ:

Light Shaft

An enclosed passageway for light to pass through the skylight and attic into the room below. It is used on sloped roofs where an attic would otherwise keep light out of the intended room, and can improve light and heat dissipation.

Middletown roofing FAQ:

Can I install my own skylight?

It is best to consult with a licensed roofing professional before undertaking a skylight installation. The installation process itself requires significant knowledge of the roofing structure as well as best placement, and it can be harmful to the roof if not done well. A botched skylight installation could void the warranty on your roof or create new leaks that will only cost you more in the end.

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