Most Popular Shingle Colors in 2023


Apart from protecting us from the weather, the roof’s purpose is to enhance our homes’ aesthetic value. Hence, choosing the right color of roof shingles is crucial if you want your property to look good. Roofing in the year 2023 has seen a renaissance in originality and variety, with a plethora of new and exciting shingle colors taking center stage. A fresh wave of shingle colors has taken the spotlight, allowing homeowners to express their unique style and make a statement with their roofs.

To help you get started on your roofing journey, this blog will give you insight into the most popular roof shingle colors in 2023. So, let’s jump right into the topic, shall we?

What Is the Most Popular Roof Shingle Color for Roofing?

Selecting the perfect roof shingle color is often achieved by harmonizing it with the color of your siding, creating a visually pleasing combination. An essential consideration in this process is the color temperature, where warm shingles are typically paired with warm siding or external wall paint. In contrast, cooler shingles complement cool sidings or exterior wall paint. 

Furthermore, it is generally recommended to opt for a shingle color darker than your wall color, except in tropical regions where lighter colors are preferred to minimize heat absorption. Additionally, lighter colors create an illusion of spaciousness, while darker colors can make properties appear more compact.

Which Roof Shingle Color Offers the Greatest Savings on Utility Bills?

A home’s interior will be cooler in the summer because lighter-colored shingles are better at reflecting sunshine and heat. Thus, less effort and resources are required to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. 

However, it’s crucial to note that shingle color can affect power bills differently depending on temperature, insulation, and the home’s overall energy efficiency. Experts in roofing and energy conservation can help you choose the best shingle color for your home’s location.

Lighter Roof Shingle Colors

Colors such as white, beige, and lighter shades of gray possess a remarkable characteristic of reflecting sunlight. By deflecting the sun’s rays, these colors help maintain a cooler indoor environment naturally, resulting in a reduced frequency of air conditioner usage. So, by opting for these lighter color choices, you can enjoy financial and ecological advantages.

Lighter roof shingle colors can significantly assist in reducing the heat island effect by reflecting more sunlight. This impact causes metropolitan regions to be warmer than their surrounding rural counterparts. A result of this magnitude can have serious consequences for energy consumption and comfort.

Darker Roof Shingle Colors

On the other hand, black or dark gray shingles tend to absorb more heat than lighter colors. They can be aesthetically pleasing and starkly contrast some architectural types, but they can also increase the amount of heat transferred into the house. As a result, air conditioners may have to work longer and use more power to keep inside temperatures bearable.  The heat transfer can pretty easily be offset by having proper attic ventilation, so our recommendation in most cases is to go with the color that you like best for your home.  

If you want darker roof shingle colors, consider putting the Owens Corning Shingle Color of 2023, Midnight Plum, or one of their other dark, dramatic colors like Onyx Black shingles. These sophisticated dark shades are a blend of many tones that will change your preconceptions about roofing. 

How to Pick the Right Roof Shingle Color for Your Home?

As we’ve already mentioned, a home’s curb appeal can be significantly improved by changing the color of its roof shingles. Understanding this importance, we have put together a collection of helpful tips to assist you in selecting the perfect shingle color for your roof.

Your Home’s Overall Design and Architecture

Think about the home’s current architectural details because specific shingle colors may work well with particular architectural styles. For instance, modern architecture is often paired with more vibrant or contrasting colors, whereas historic homes often look best with earth tones. Also, consider the siding, trim, and landscaping that already exist on the outside of your house.

Current Trends in Your Neighborhood

It’s important to consider the prevailing colors in your area and pick a roof shingle color that works well with and doesn’t distract from the natural environment. You want to stand out from your neighbors, but at the same time, you’ll want to be a part of your surroundings. Therefore, when choosing your roof shingle colors, absorb what color shingles the neighborhood has.

Consider Longevity and Maintenance

To avoid waking up and realizing you despise your roof, it’s important to choose a color you feel the most at home with and consider whether you’ll still enjoy it in a few years. Also, make sure that the color you choose is somewhat low maintenance to avoid having roofers almost all the time on your roof, as well as the longevity of your chosen shingle color. 

Seek Professional Advice From Roofing Experts

Roofing experts can advise you on the ideal roof shingle color for your home based on their extensive experience. You may find out about the latest style trends, color combinations, and the possible effect of different shingle options on your home’s value.

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