Comparing and Choosing A Roof

Choosing the proper roof for a home affects more than just curb appeal and how much equity it brings to the property. The right roof protects everything that lies underneath it, such as drywall, electrical wiring, major appliances and family members. More than just an appealing add-on, a roof is a necessity that a home cannot survive under any condition without.

Choosing the right type of roof to install requires a little familiarity with the types of products a roofing company offers. Ocean County roofing contractors, including Fortified Roofing, make it a point to offer a wide range of roofing products to tailor to each consumer’s individual style and taste. Choosing a particular style of roof affects the curb appeal of a home and dramatically affects the value of the home.

Asphalt shingles are the most popular choice among homeowners. Shingles provide durability and flexibility and are the most cost-effective option among all roofing products. The cost does not affect the amount of protection shingles offer. Composition shingles last longer than traditional three-tab shingles and come in a variety of styles and colors to match a home’s theme.

Three-tab shingles are the least expensive of all roofing products with limited style and color options.

Homeowners can choose metal roofing sheets composed of aluminum, copper or steel. Often, homeowners pick metal roofing sheets because of their smooth finish. However, sheets come in a stone texture similar to asphalt shingles. The popularity of sheet metal roofing continues to grow because of its cool energy features. However, metal roofing is not recommended for coastal environments with corrosive weather.

Alternative roofing products, such as composite roofs, are popular with homeowners who are concerned with the environment. Composite roofs are made from recycled materials formed into rubber. The roofs are lighter in weight than asphalt shingles and concrete tile and do not lose any protection value because of their composition. Alternative roofing products are cost effective and tailor to homeowners on a tight budget.

Deciding on the right roof for a home includes considering the architectural design, visual appeal and neighborhood theme. Homes that maintain a historical value need a roof that supports the history. Composite roofs tend to fit well with modern homes while concrete tiles, asphalt shingles or slate are used to retain a home’s history. Using three-tab shingles with no color variation is an unwise choice for homeowners who want to consider the history behind their homes. A roofing contractor from Fortified Roofing of Ocean County NJ can answer your questions about gutters or skylights.

Term explained by roofing company Fortified Roofing, Ocean County NJ:

Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles are popular and inexpensive roofing covers with low up-front fees due to the ease of installation and cost per square foot. Typically, shingles are made from fiberglass, but many shingles contain wood fibers, plastic and a combination of tar and asphalt.

Ocean County roofing company Fortified Roofing answers a question:

How do homeowners decide when it is time for a new roof?

Homes protected by asphalt shingles eventually show clear signs of deterioration and rot. Shingles that are curling or buckling tell a homeowner that it is time to replace the affected area. If many shingles throughout the roof show signs of buckling or curling, it may be time for the homeowner to replace the entire roof.

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