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Homeowners may feel overwhelmed with the options when selecting a new roof, but there is more to consider than color and style. Few details are as critical as the ones contained in a new roof’s warranty. Many consumers don’t realize that several of their warranty options are determined by the type of roof chosen and the quality of the roofer selected for installation. That’s why it’s important for homeowners to understand the basics of roof warranties early in the reroofing process.

Choosing a trustworthy Ocean County roofing professional is the first step to accessing the best roof warranties. Roof manufacturers train and certify some roofers, and those who demonstrate the highest quality workmanship and knowledge are allowed to offer consumers the best roof manufacturer warranties. For instance, the nation’s top roofers who meet manufacturer GAF’s rigorous standards earn the GAF Master Elite Roofer credential. Consumers who use these Master Elite roofers to install their roofs are eligible for GAF’s top of the line Golden Pledge warranty that covers both roofing material defects and workmanship.

Once homeowners have the right roofing contractor on board, it’s time to learn a bit about how roof warranties work. Generally, these policies fall into three categories: limited, limited lifetime and lifetime. Basic asphalt shingle roofs usually offer limited warranties that cover only product defects for 10 to 30 years.

Any of the roofing contractors from Fortified Roofing of Ocean County can answer your questions about skylights or roof repairs.

High quality architectural shingle, tile and slate roofs often offer lifetime and limited lifetime warranties.

For limited and lifetime limited warranties, coverage is often prorated. A 20 year limited warranty, for example, may provide full coverage on material defects for the first few years but decrease coverage in later years. More generous No Dollar Limit, or NDL, policies aren’t prorated and take care of the full cost of repair for the life of the warranty.

Most warranties also come with some homeowner responsibilities such as performing annual roof maintenance. Many policies also require homeowners to notify the manufacturer of a roof leak within 30 days of its discovery. It’s important for consumers to carefully read the warranty so as not to unintentionally void it for failure to adhere to its provisions.

Knowing the policy’s exclusions is also vital since most warranties preclude damage caused by natural disasters. Consequential damage to items inside the home because of a material defect is also frequently excluded from coverage.

Roof manufacturer warranties can be terrific protection against unexpected problems with a new roof and provide extra peace of mind for the homeowner. Knowing how roof warranties work will help homeowners gain access to the most beneficial coverage. Any of the roofing contractors from Fortified Roofing of Ocean County can answer your questions about roof repairs or skylights.

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No Dollar Limit

No Dollar Limit warranties offer the most comprehensive coverage for roof defect repairs and replacement. These warranties handle all of the material and installation costs involved in restoring a failed roof system.

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What homeowner responsibilities do most warranties require?

No, most experienced roofers will be able to sell and install a wide range of roofing materials. Making sure that the roofer is indeed experienced in the installation of a specific roofing material is essential, particularly if it is a less common type. Some roofers offer a warranty on the installation itself.

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