Spring Roof Maintenance

As soon as the leaves start to bud on the trees, it is generally a good time to perform some Spring cleaning and maintenance on your roof. Although most of these things can be done by anyone, calling in professionals like Ocean County Roofing is always a smart idea, particularly for those without the time or the knowledge.

The first step is to take a walk around the house, looking at the ground, especially near the base of the house. Are there any pieces of shingle, flashing, gutter or other roofing materials? If so, it’s an indication that there is likely a problem up top. Take another walk around the house, this time looking up at the gutters. Are the gutters sagging? Are there water stains, which may indicate that the gutters are overflowing? Is there mold or moss growing anywhere, which can be a sign of water and damp problems? Anything out of the ordinary needs to be checked and repaired if necessary. A sagging gutter can be full of debris, or it could be just a missing hanger. Fixing either problem is a minimal expense, but allowing the gutter to collapse through a lack of maintenance will cost big bucks to repair.

The next step is to pick a sunny completely wind-free day to climb up and inspect the roof itself.

Anyone who is uncomfortable with heights, unused to either ladders or walking around on roofs, has a steeply pitched roof or just doesn’t want to, should call in the professionals. No amount of repair savings is worth the potential injury of a fall.

The roof needs to be inspected for any damage, soft spots, missing, cracked or damaged shingles, loose or missing flashing or anything else that looks out of the ordinary. This is also the time to clean out the gutters, using gloves and a bucket for debris. Start at the downspouts and make sure they are free of debris and flowing freely. Move the ladder a couple of feet at a time and remove every bit of debris from the gutters. Carefully inspect their condition at the same time, including the hardware securing the gutters to the house. Generally, the gutters should be cleaned twice a year in April and October, but houses surrounded by trees or other materials which can clog the gutters may need to be cleaned more often. An afternoon of maintenance a few times each year, can prolong the life of a roof and save a lot of time and money in future repairs. The roofers from Fortified Roofing in Ocean County NJ can answer your questions about roof repairs or gutters.

Roofing term courtesy of the expert roofers from Fortified Roofing in Ocean County NJ:


A trough that runs around the roofline of a house whose purpose is to collect rainwater and channel it away from the house is known as a gutter. The purpose of doing this is to prevent water damage to the walls and foundation, painted surfaces and woodwork.

The professional roofers in Ocean County NJ answer a FAQ:

Should older houses without gutters have them installed?

A century ago, only the houses of the well-to-do were constructed with gutters. Many homes still lack them today. Gutters are essential protection to the structure of the house itself, and there is no situation where there is any advantage in not having them installed. These days, gutters are manufactured in a range of materials to suit most budgets.

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