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In a perfect world, residential roofs would be made of material that would need zero maintenance and would last forever. Unfortunately, in the real world, roofs must be replaced every 10 to 20 years. Selecting the right roofing material will go a long way in determining how frequently a roof will need to be repaired. Monmouth County roofing professionals are an excellent source of information when deciding what roofing material is right for a particular style of home.

Composite shingles are the most popular roofing material. They are attractive and are relatively inexpensive. Being made from either asphalt or fiberglass, composite shingles are durable and can be composed of recyclable materials. This style of shingle is available in many different colors and is versatile enough to be used on almost any style of roof. They are easy to install, can withstand being walked on without damage, and in most cases offer a level of fire protection.

The cons of using composite shingles include their susceptibility to damage from high winds, the fact that they can scar if exposed to hot temperatures and the fact that they lack the three-dimensional appearance of tile roofing.

Wood shakes are a popular roofing material because of the character they add to homes. They are unique because no two wood shakes have the same shape or color.

Wooden shakes provide insulation and can allow air to circulate between the shake and the felt material underneath it.

The negative sides of wooden roofing materials are that they require a lot of maintenance. Even with maintenance, they will not last as long as other roofing materials. Replacing wood shakes is time-consuming and expensive. They cannot to be recycled, and they do not provide the same fire protection that other materials provide.

Clay roofing tile is a very popular choice, especially for homeowners looking to give their roof a southwestern or Italian feel. Tile is extremely durable and will often last longer than the structure it is laid on top of. With tile, there are no rotting issues, bugs cannot to damage it, it will not burn, and it can come in just about any color.

Some of the negative sides of tile roofing material include the fact that tile is extremely fragile and can easily break, especially if someone walks on the roof. Tile is very heavy and may require additional roof supports in order to support its weight. Cleaning and maintenance of rain gutters and fireplaces is difficult with tile roofs because of how fragile they are. Tile is more expensive than other roofing materials.

Selecting the right roofing material is an integral part of the entire roofing process. Roofing professionals can provide invaluable advice that can help homeowners guarantee that the roofing material they select is the right material for their home. Have a question regarding new gutters or skylight installation? Ask a roofing professional from Fortified Roofing of Monmouth County NJ.

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Fiberglass is a popular component in roofing materials. It is a form of plastic that has been reinforced with glass fibers. These glass fibers are interwoven in a mat. The glass fibers will vary depending on the application for which they are used.

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Can a homeowner do roofing repairs on their own?

Most roofing repair work should not be attempted by a homeowner. Professional contractors have the tools, the training and the safety gear that is necessary to replace and repair a roof in the right way. If a homeowner uses an improper technique, this could lead to further roof damage. Additionally, failing to use proper safety gear could result in injury if they fell off the roof.

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