Selecting Professionals For Skylight Installation

The thought of allowing natural light into a darkened area of the home is an alluring prospect, but many homeowners believe a skylight installation is a simple task. Although it’s technically a window installation, there are numerous concerns involved, from proper sizing to engineering compliance. Hiring Monmouth County roofing professionals for this installation type is the best choice for any homeowner.

Unlike replacing existing windows, a new skylight installation requires structural work to the roof. Each roof has its main surface, but also supportive beams called trusses. Homeowners may have the perfect location for the skylight, but it’s not conducive to the home’s structural integrity. Contractors come in and evaluate the trusses along with the potential installation site. They may even bring in engineers to verify all the right cutting areas. The roof must remain stable and within building code once the new skylight is installed.

During the estimate period, roofers could also find more issues that must be dealt with before installation. Rotting wood or missing shingles are common problems, for instance. If a DIYer wanted to install the skylight, they may miss the rotting wood and compromise the safety of the installation. Allow a professional’s eyes to truly survey the area for the perfect skylight project.

Homeowners may work on many projects around the home, but a skylight requires specific tools for the right fit. A DIYer would have to purchase several tools just to cut and move the glass into place, for example. When all the costs are considered, a professional’s expertise and tool availability win out over a DIY project. Contractors need to cut into the roof, making sure to avoid truss damage and add parts like flashing. Skylights are relatively heavy, requiring specialized lifting tools to bring it safely into position.

The perfect location could be chosen, but there’s a large attic space separating the main home from the sunlight possibilities. Contractors normally construct a chase or long tunnel. This passage runs from a skylight, through an attic and ends at the ceiling’s edge. A project of this size is complex and must be finished neatly to create a clean aesthetic. Homeowners should be aware that building a chase is a construction project so extra time and costs are part of the estimate. Changing the skylight location to save on costs is a possibility for some homes if a chase is too expensive to finance.

Substantial warranties usually come with a professional installation. Ask the contractor about the terms and length. A warranty-protected skylight gives residents a safety net in case of any malfunctions. Professionals are there to fix and maintain the skylight whenever necessary. Have a question regarding skylight installation or roof repairs? Ask a roofing professional from Fortified Roofing of Monmouth County NJ.

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Metal section strips applied around a skylight before installation is finally complete. The metal covers the connection point between the skylight frame and roof to prevent moisture seepage. Interior water damage is possible with improper flashing attachments.

Monmouth County NJ roofing contractor Fortified Roofing answers a question:

How long does an average skylight installation take?

Each installation has slight variations based on roof angle, truss configurations and attic involvement. A simple installation could take one day or up to three days. The contractor will provide a unique estimate based on the homeowner’s property to narrow down this time. A properly installed skylight requires some installation time to avoid any problems in the future.

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