Solar Shingles as Good Alternative to Solar Panels


Harvesting the Sun’s energy while saving on your energy bills sounds quite impressive, right? It kind of brings autonomy, self-sustainability, and a sense of independence. Also, by using solar energy, you show your sense of environmental awareness and decrease your carbon footprint; two great reasons in today’s world. 

Fortunately, since we are living in a very progressive time, the choice of solar power is manifold. So today, those who want to install solar on their roof can choose between solar panels and solar shingles.  Solar shingles are a relatively new product that is increasingly taking precedence over solar panels. 

In the following text,you will find out why solar shingles are a good alternative to solar panels and why so many homeowners decide to install them. But before we dive deeper into the topic, let’s start with the basics. First, let’s explain the difference between solar panels and solar shingles.

What Are Solar Panels? 

Solar panels (also called solar electric panels or PV modules) are basically photovoltaic cells, typically made of silicon and arranged in a grid-like pattern on the panel’s surface. When sunlight hits the cells, it causes electrons to move, creating an electric current. 

Solar panel installations can range from small, individual panels on a home’s roof to large-scale arrays on commercial buildings or in solar farms. They require regular maintenance, including cleaning and occasional repairs.

What Are Solar Shingles? 

Solar shingles, designed as asphalt shingles, are a type of solar panel integrated into a home’s roof to generate electricity by converting solar energy.

How Do Solar Shingles Work?

Solar shingles work by using photovoltaic cells to convert solar energy into electricity. These cells collect energy from the sun and transmit it to an inverter, which converts the direct current (DC) into usable alternating current (AC) electricity. Also, any excess electricity can be stored in a battery or returned to the grid through net metering.

The use of solar shingles not only allows homeowners to generate their own power but also gives their roofs a modern appearance. This makes solar shingles a popular choice for those who want to reduce their carbon footprint while enhancing their home’s aesthetic value.

Differences Between Solar Panels and Solar Shingles 

Despite sharing the same purpose of collecting solar energy and reducing a home’s energy costs and dependence on traditional fossil fuels, there are notable differences between solar shingles and solar panels. For example, while solar panels are typically mounted on top of a roof, solar shingles are integrated into the roofing material of a building or a house, providing a more seamless appearance.

In terms of durability, solar shingles are more resilient to harsh weather conditions, withstanding winds up to 110 mph and being fire-resistant. .

Why Are Solar Shingles a Better Alternative? 

Several reasons highlight solar shingles as an excellent alternative to solar panels, including their dimension, weight, aesthetic appearance, weather and fire resistance, and unusually low maintenance.


Unlike solar panels, which occupy a huge area of the roof, solar shingles are actually an integral part of the roof since they function like classic asphalt shingles; therefore, their dimensions are similar to those of asphalt shingles.


Since solar panels weigh around 40 pounds, they put a lot of pressure on the roof structure. On the other hand, solar shingles are similar in size and weight to asphalt shingles, so installing them doesn’t require additional structural support.

Aesthetic Appearance 

While solar panels occupy large roof areas and stand out for their bulkiness, solar shingles are almost invisible since they replace classic shingles and give the roof a beautiful, modern look.

Weather Resistance

Solar shingles are known for their weather resistance, ability to withstand high winds and strong storms.

Fire Resistance 

Another feature of solar shingles is their fire resistance, which gives your home extra security and protection.

Low Maintenance

Even though solar panels are also known for their low maintenance, solar shingles require quite a little care, practically nothing, especially if you are one of those responsible homeowners who regularly schedule a roof inspection for your home.


Unlike solar panels which typically need to be installed by two different companies, a roofer and then a solar panel company, solar shingles are installed by the same company that installs your roof.  Roofers are usually much more experienced in working on roofs than solar panel companies.  Also, the warranties that come with a solar shingle roof are usually considerably better.  Some solar panel companies do not offer any warranties at all.

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