Summer Roof Care

It may have been a stormy winter and wet spring, making roof maintenance almost impossible in wet conditions. Homeowners often look to summer for their roof maintenance times because of the clear weather. There are a few key service items homeowners can perform from ground level, but Monmouth County roofing professionals should be called out to work on the more intricate repair issues.

Start summer maintenance by pulling out the binoculars. Stand outside and take a careful look at the roof from the ground up. Note any unusual appearances, such as broken or missing shingles. Inspect the flashing, fascia and rain gutters too. Winter and spring are difficult seasons on the roof so some damage is typically normal. Don’t attempt to walk on the roof to get another look, however. Professionals should finalize any estimates themselves.

Using a friend as a spotter, pull out a sturdy ladder to reach eye-level with the rain gutters. Look at their connection to the fascia board. It’s common for bolts to loosen over time, causing the gutters to bow out slightly. Feel free to tighten any bolts if the fascia board is still strong enough. Roofers may need to come in and replace the wood caused by severe decaying situations, however.

Staying off the roof is important, especially during the summer.

It may not be too hot on the ground, but the roof absorbs a lot of warmth because of its dark color. Allow professionals to work in these conditions because they’re trained to do so. Roofers have the clothing and routine to combat hot conditions for inspections, repairs and replacements.

While professionals survey the roof, they have a chance to clear any debris from the surface, including a nearby roof valley. Some debris buildup is normal, but excessive layers actually stress the roof’s stability factor. Winter and spring may have caused a lot of debris to build up, making summer a great time to schedule an appointment.

Another benefit to roofers inspecting the structure is finding mold or algae. North-facing roofs often have some algae buildup. Removing these microorganisms helps the roof maintain its lifespan. If left alone, algae can spread and damage several shingles in one area, requiring eventual replacement.

If homeowners are unsure of what they’re seeing up on the roof through binoculars, calling professionals is the best way to solve any dilemmas. Most questionable issues above are simple maintenance concerns that occur to any roof. Stay safe and leave the roof surface to the professionals. Have a question regarding new gutters or new roofs? Ask a roofing professional from Fortified Roofing of Monmouth County NJ.

Common roofing term explained by Fortified Roofing of Monmouth County NJ:

Roof valley

Low point on roof where two pitched sections meet. Although architects try to avoid too many valleys on a roof, some low-lying spaces are necessary. They often fill with debris from trees, causing possible stress on the roof.

Question and answer from Monmouth County NJ roofing contractor Fortified Roofing:

Is summer the best time to replace or repair a roof?

Clear skies usually make summer a perfect time to hire professional roofers, but extreme heat is difficult on workers’ bodies. There are numerous cooling breaks, making the work slightly more drawn out than during cooler times of year. Fall is commonly the best time for a major roof repair or replacement.

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