The Process Of Hiring A Roofer

There is no reason to hire just anyone to install or repair a roof. The roof is the first and most important level of protection for a building against weather of any kind, so it’s important that homeowners hire a professional when they need roofing work. When looking to hire a Monmouth County roofing contractor, keeping an eye out for a few characteristics is important.

The roofing contractor should be licensed and properly credentialed. This is absolutely necessary, and to operate without these credentials is a violation of the law in most states. Many professionals include their license number on business cards and letterhead or in email and other correspondence. Do not hesitate to ask what their license number is ahead of time.

Roofing contractors should be on time to all appointments and completely respectful of the potential client’s time. At the initial appointment to discuss the project and options, the contractor should be prepared to discuss all the options that are available to the homeowner and with which the contractor is experienced. This should include the various roofing materials available, colors and styles. Be cautious of any contractor that cannot answer specific questions about various roofing materials and options.

An estimate should always be offered free of charge.

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This is an opportunity for the contractor to determine how much they would charge for a job and how long it would take to complete the job. They will look at the pitch of the roof, the square footage, the intricacies of the roofline and many other factors.

Most roofing professionals have some type of website or presence where potential clients can read about services offered and see testimonials from past clients. If the contractor has no such website, this may not necessarily be a red flag. Ask for some references that you can contact. This should be expected, and they should have no problem producing a reference list. Reaching out to past clients gives a unique perspective of similar work the contractor has performed.

There should be no tolerance of a rude or unprofessional attitude when dealing with any construction contractor. They should be very helpful, polite and respectful of the property owner. There is never a reason for the property owner to feel uncomfortable or uneasy around the contractor or any of his/her laborers. Customer service with a warm and friendly demeanor can go a long way in service industries like roofing. Have a question regarding new roofs or roof repairs? Ask the roofers from Fortified Roofing of Monmouth County NJ.

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The pitch of the roof is a reference to the steepness. It is calculated by how many inches vertically it rises over a 12-inch, horizontal plane. Rooflines with a steeper pitch are more challenging to work on.

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How long should it take before getting the estimate from a contractor?

This is different based on the workload the contractor is currently experiencing. Problems generally occur when the contractor jumps to provide a number without doing any computation or taking any time to research costs. The qualified professional will tell the client how long before they will get the estimate and will hold to that time.

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