Tips for Turning Your Garage Into a New Car Shed


Have you noticed your garage space needs attention?

Maybe you have noticed that your car is not taken care of properly when it is parked outdoors or in a cluttered garage. Perhaps your vehicle has limited space in your garage. Often family members use the garage as their one-stop shop to discard items which they are no longer using (but may still feel too precious to throw out). There may be extra furniture lying about; a table and a couch because you have just purchased new ones. These pieces were used before, but are now only collecting dust and constricting the space available for your car. This poor use of space and a strong desire for an organized and efficient garage is the reason why you want to turn your garage into a brand new car shed. You want this space to be used for your car and not as a storage space for less than useful items.

If you think this kind of project is easy to deal with, you are correct. The team here at Fortified Roofing, the best local roofing contractor from Cherry Hill, NJ, wholeheartedly agrees with this. You shouldn’t over think what you should and should not do when turning your garage into a brand new car shed. For one, the structure of your garage is already there so you will not need complicated repairs or renovations for your new car space. You can make use of the following tips to help you throughout the entire process:

You should be prepared

The key to ensuring that everything will go smoothly is for you to have a plan. Below we outline the details and how you can turn your plan into a reality.

  • Create a budget: Put off your designing and first think of how much you are willing to spend on this project. Are you planning to do this by yourself or are you going to hire professionals along the way? Consider this when determining the budget. If you do plan to tackle this on your own, you will be spending much less comparatively when you ask the professionals for help. Whatever budget you have made up after considering all of these things, make sure that you stick to it. Never plan on spending too much just for the sake of it.
  • Prepare a schedule: If you are working or have other priorities aside from this project, plan how much time you will be able to devote to this transformation. Make sure that you schedule all of your appointments accordingly without compromising the need to work on this every now and then. A schedule is even more critical if you plan to have professionals do everything for you. You will want to check how they are doing and the progress they have made at regular intervals.
  • Design your floorplan: Regardless of the size of your garage, you should have a floor plan in mind of how you would want your finished car shed to be laid out. You should be able to determine what goes where to ensure that everything is orderly. Frequently used items should be easy to access. Sure, your car should have the most space but if you are planning to store all the necessary car tools in the shed, set aside a lot of the area for these tools as well.
  • Clean your space: You decided to turn your garage into a car shed because your garage is not supposed to be a space for stuffing useless items⎯and you do not want to see the same mess at the end of this project, right? That is why the next step is to clean your space and determine which items to dispose and which can be donated. Some of these things might be sentimental or special for you or your family, but if it is not being put to use, it may be high time to part ways with it.
  • Organize the items: Your garage ended up looking like a mess because you probably were not able to find proper homes for items. Now for your new and improved car shed, don’t make the same mistake. You will not need to organize anything though if you are planning to use your car shed for your vehicle solely. However, if you want your car tools to be within reach inside the car shed, make sure that you organize these efficiently. There are many clever organizing ideas available on the internet, and you will find one which applies to the space that you have. Just remember to maintain your car shed’s organization over time.
  • Consider ventilation: When it is too cold or hot outside, the insides of your car feel the same. You have been experiencing this whenever you park your car in your garage. The solution to your problem is ventilation⎯and you should install these in your car shed. Look for local contractors in your area and ask a for a quote for their service. The installation and/or renovation would depend on your space, and the weather in your area⎯your new car shed could remain covered with four walls, or alternatively, be open.

When turning your garage into a car shed, there will be little bumps along the waylike finding the right size for your new car shed and how your schedule or the weather could restrict you from doing this project. However, if you want something done, you should be determined and achieve it. It will require some effort, but just think of how comfortable your car will be in its new home!

George Anderson

George is a specialist when it comes to Costco garage doors. Working in the industry for over 20+ years he takes pride in helping his clients fulfill their needs when it comes to garage construction. In his spare time, he loves spending time with his family.