Checking For Water Leaks

A home that has a water leak is susceptible to thousands of dollars of damage if that leak is not discovered and repaired by professional Toms River roofing Toms River roofingcontractors. Fortunately, most leaks can be found and then fixed by going through a few investigative steps.

A homeowner may not always see or hear water that has invaded the inside of a home, but there are clues that often present themselves when a water leak has occurred. Often, water leaks will lead to drywall that has discolored patches or spots that are wet. These areas often form on ceilings or can be seen on walls. Water leaks will also leave clues like peeling or bulging paint. When these signs are present, homeowners must hunt down their origin to make sure that invading water has not entered their home.

To locate a problem water leak, one of the best places to investigate is inside the attic. With a flashlight or other light source, a homeowner should look for water spots in all corners of the attic. Another clue that may be present that indicates the presence of unwanted water is a musty odor.

This type of odor will often accompany water that has leaked into the wood or drywall of the home.

If an investigation is conducted and a water leak is found, one can choose to immediately contact a professional roofing company or locate the exact spot where water is entering their home. To locate the spot where water is coming in, a homeowner will need to get on top of their roof and do some searching. To accomplish this task, it’s often easier to have a helper inside the attic to act as a guide. The helper inside can lead the outside investigator to the spot where a water leak has appeared. Shingles in that area may show signs of wear. However, to really know if the spot has a leak, a homeowner must lift up a few shingles. There should be signs of rot or deterioration in the underlayment or sheathing if water has leaked through the outer roofing layer.

In many cases, a leak will occur around areas that have seams where shingles are up against structures such as chimneys, dormer windows or roof vents. Water can pool around the edges of these areas and permeate through to inside layers. A roofing company can make sure that any problems are repaired if a leak is found. The experts at Fortified Roofing, Toms River roofing contractors can answer your questions about roof repairs or gutters.

Common roofing term explained by Fortified Roofing, Toms River roofing contractors:


This layer is placed between the sheathing and outer layer of roofing shingles, and it acts as protection against outside weather elements such as rain, snow or wind. It usually consists of felt and a mixture of asphalt.

Toms River roofing contractors from Fortified Roofing answer a question:

What type of warranty is included with a roofing job?

When shingles are placed on a roof, there are two types of warranties. Shingles have a warranty that is provided by the company that makes them. The shingles will have a designated lifespan, usually around 20 years, and they can be replaced for free if they wear out before that duration of time. The other warranty is for workmanship, and it rests on the shoulders of the roofing company.

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