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Metal roofing systems have come a long way since the large, plain panels that were commonly used on barns a century ago throughout much of rural America. Today’s metal roofs feature a variety of alloys that are more durable, strong and attractive than the materials commonly used in the past. These rooftops can also be customized to the homeowner’s preferences by using epoxy and other finishes to create aesthetically appealing effects.

When a Toms River roofing contractor installs a metal rooftop, property owners may be asked to choose an epoxy finish. This layer of material is applied during the manufacturing process as doing so is faster than applying a finish once the roofing panels have been installed. Epoxy finishes are most commonly used on galvanized steel or tin rooftops. This material can be clear, or pigments may be added to create colors such as bright white, brown and gray. Many homeowners select a white finish, as this color reflects as much the sun’s heat as possible, which helps to minimize summertime air conditioning costs.

Another development in metal roofing panel technology is the addition of alloys that help to inhibit the oxidation process.

Application of zinc or aluminum to the steel helps to prevent any rust from eating through the metal. Panels with this type of a coating last longer than bare steel metals. These finishes also accept paints and pigments better than steel that is not coated.

To help keep homes cool in the summer, manufacturers have developed cool pigments for metal rooftops. These pigments work by reflecting solar heat. These pigments can be applied to ceramic beads and then sprayed onto metal roofing panels as they are produced in the factory. An existing home can also be retrofit with cool pigments by an experienced roofing service. This type of coating is intended to last for the lifetime of the roofing system, which can be 50 years or longer with proper maintenance. Most cool pigments are designed to be light in color, and several colors can be applied to create an aesthetically appealing finish.

Solar reflective paints have also been developed by roofing manufacturers in order to coat metal roofs. These paints feature pigments that reflect the sun’s infrared energy. A metal roof’s surface with this type of paint can be up to 30 degrees cooler on a sunny summer day. These reflective paints are ideal for use on homes with minimal amounts of attic insulation and homes with low sloped roofs. The roofing contractors at Fortified Roofing of Toms River NJ can answer your questions about roof repairs or gutters.

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Epoxy is a material made from resins that harden when exposed to heat during the manufacturing process. Epoxy can be put onto metal roofing panels before they are installed, to create better thermal resistance and an attractive finish.

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Can a metal roof have regular exterior paint applied to it?

If a homeowner would like to have their metal roofing painted, some preparation would need to be done first. This type of project is best left to professionals, as the metal panels would need to be primed in order to receive paint, and only certain paints adhere to metal surfaces.

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