Roof Color Keeps You Cool

A home’s roof can play a powerful role in keeping the rest of the home cool during the summer. By choosing a white or green roof, homeowners can reduce heat gains by as much as 84 percent, which can represent a large savings in their cooling costs. A Toms River Roofing professional can work with a homeowner to determine which type of roof is best for their needs and when the transition should be made.

Generally, a white roof is easier and cheaper to install, which may make it easier to fit within a homeowner’s budget. Furthermore, the shorter time frame for installation may minimize the interruption to his or her life caused by having contractors at the home for several hours each day. As the name suggests, the white roof is a roof that is painted white, but it may be possible to take advantage of other materials with the same color.

For instance, instead of painting the roof, it may be possible to use white shingles. This may be more cost-effective as new shingles can be laid on top of existing shingles in certain situations.

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Therefore, a homeowner can reap the benefits of being ecofriendly without having to put on an entire new roof.

For those who would rather opt for a green roof, there are several steps that must be undertaken to ensure that they are properly installed. First, a waterproofing membrane will be placed on the roof to ensure that water does not leak from the vegetation above. Root barriers and drainage systems will then be added to the roof.

These components are added to make sure that nothing grows into the roof deck or the attic itself. If that were to happen, it could make it harder for excess rainwater to properly drain from the roof and away from the home. It would also make it easier for pests and other animals that may feed on certain plants and seeds to create a nest or colony in a home.

In addition to keeping a home cool, such a roof may be a great way to filter rainwater, reduce pollutants in the air and soundproof the property. This may be a nice added benefit for those who live in a duplex or otherwise live in close proximity to other people. Depending on what is actually put on a green roof, it may qualify for LEED points and tax breaks for the homeowner. The roofing contractors at Fortified Roofing of Toms River NJ can answer your questions about new roofs or skylights.

Roofing term provided by Fortified Roofing, Toms River roofers:

Green Roof

Also known as a living roof or an eco roof, green roofs are covered either with mature vegetation or vegetation that is constantly growing. In urban areas, they are used as a means to combat heat islands.

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When is the best time to install an ecofriendly roof?

While there is never a bad time to take steps that help the environment, homeowners may want to wait until they need to replace their current roof before installing a white or living roof. This is because there may be several new components that need to be added to the roof when making the transition. Furthermore, stripping the roof to its basic components may enable a professional to check for other damage that may need to be remedied.

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