Roof Leak Problems

Wintertime is the most common season of the year for homeowners to discover roof leaks. However, when ice and snow have built up on the roof’s surface, finding the location of the leak can be challenging. Experienced Toms River roofing contractors have specialty equipment that can help find the source of a roof leak from inside or outside of the house.

During winter, roofers who have been called in to take a look at a leak may start by going inside of the house and tracing the source of the water. This is easiest to do when the leak is active. The roofing contractors may need to access the home’s attic space or uppermost level. Because water takes the path of least resistance, the locations of stains may not be enough information for the roofers to find the problem spot. Some of the most common locations of roof leaks are in the valleys of the rooftop, near protrusions like vents and flues, and around chimneys. Roofers often start in these problem-prone areas and then continue searching if no obvious leak can be detected.

If a roof leak’s location cannot be determined visually, the roofers may look to digital technology to assist them in their search. Infrared scanners and cameras can give real time information about heat coming from a building.

The spot where water is leaking through the roof will give off less heat than the surrounding space. This tool can be used outside of the home from up to 50 feet away. No ladder is needed in order to use one of these scanners.

Roof scuppers that are clogged with debris or ice may be another source of wintertime roof leaks. The roofing technician may be able to climb a ladder or use an infrared scanner to check whether the scupper or its vertical drainpipe is clogged with ice. When the scupper is blocked, melting ice, snow or rain has nowhere to go. The moisture may sit in low spots on the roof’s surface or find a weak spot to drain through and into the ceilings.

Roofers may also visually examine the home’s gutters. If the gutters are sagging, they may be the source of the leaking. Gutters that are filled up with ice or blocked with leaves do not allow water to drain. The weight of the ice and snow pulls down the gutters, eventually saturating the decking and dripping through the ceilings. Roofers can remove the gutter obstruction and make repairs to stop the leak. The experts at Fortified Roofing, Toms River roofing contractors can answer your questions about new roofs or roof repairs.

Roofing term provided by Fortified Roofing, Toms River roofing contractors:

Roof scuppers

Roof scuppers are drainage devices located on a flat roof. An opening is created between the roof and a vertical wall, and a drainage pipe is positioned through the opening. The pipe empties into a downspout to drain the water away from the home’s foundation.

Question answered by Toms River roofing contractors from Fortified Roofing:

Do roofing scuppers need any maintenance?

Yes, roofing scuppers need to be regularly maintained so that they do not become blocked with debris such as leaves and sticks. The scuppers should be treated like gutters and professionally cleaned out by an experienced roofing service at least twice per year or more frequently if the home is located near many leafy trees.

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