Warning Signs Of A Failing Roof

A well-installed roof will last for many years, but it’s crucial to watch for warning signs that your Toms River roofing may be failing or require repairs. It’s easy to assume that your roof will last for many more years, but it’s important to be aware of any changes that may indicate a developing issue that should be addressed before the next big rain or snow storm. A small issue with your roof can cause larger issues down the road if an unaddressed leak begins to damage the wooden structures of your roof.

Inspecting your roof from both the interior and exterior is a simple way to identify any issues. A good starting point is to spend a little time in your attic taking a careful look at the trusses and the bottom side of the wooden roof decking. You should visually inspect for cracks, sagging or soft areas, stains, dark spots or small pinholes where light can be seen coming in from outdoors. On a rainy day, you should also check for areas of moisture in the attic, especially in areas where there are signs of water stains.

To inspect the exterior of your roof, you can simply stand on the ground and carefully view your roof from a distance. The things to watch for include damaged flashing, cracked or missing shingles, curling shingles and moss growth or algae stains. Take a close look at connecting areas between different sections and slopes of the roof and around chimneys and vents.

If you can safely check your gutters, look for the warning sign of small shingle pieces in the gutters. For asphalt shingles, shedding granules can mean that the shingles are very worn and need to be replaced. While you’re checking the gutters, also inspect them to ensure that they’re not clogged and that the gutter system is draining efficiently and working properly to move rainwater away from your house.

If you spot any potential issues with your roof, the next step is to contact a professional roofing contractor to do a detailed inspection of your roof and make a recommendation for repairs or replacement. It’s important to contact a roofer right away when you discover a potential issue as a roofing leak can escalate quickly if not addressed immediately. By seeking immediate assistance from a professional roofer, the issue may possibly be resolved by a simple repair rather than an expensive roof replacement. The experts at Fortified Roofing, Toms River roofers can answer your questions about gutters or new roofs.

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Trusses are the structural supports that make up the shape of the roof. Composed of beams, rafters and posts, the trusses form the pitch of the roof and also provide the framework for the decking and the weatherproof roofing materials.

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What do algae stains look like?

Algae stains are typically areas of dark-colored streaks down the slope of the roof. Algae can easily thrive on a roof in a humid climate, and although algae do not typically cause damage to a roof, the dark stains can be unsightly. Depending on the severity of the algae stains, they may be able to be removed to improve the appearance of the roof.

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