Roofing Myths and Realities

Roofing is a mysterious topic to many homeowners, primarily because they only have to buy a new roof once or twice in a lifetime. As with most unfamiliar subjects, many myths about roof installation persist, even though the truth of these matters is quite different. Some of the most well known roofing myths and the actual facts follow.

Have you ever heard that you cannot reroof your home in the winter? Underlying this notion is the belief that roofing materials, especially asphalt shingles, become brittle and fragile in frigid temperatures. However, should your roof fail on the coldest day of the year, your Voorhees roofing contractor is ready to tackle the repair or replacement of your roof. Your roofing firm can prevent shingle breakage by storing the materials in a heated warehouse and removing them for your roof as needed.

Another myth about asphalt roofing is that the self-adhering strips do not bond as intended to the other shingles unless applied in warm weather. In fact, when installing these materials in cold weather, your roofer can hand-tab the shingles with dots of adhesive that will effectively bond them to the previous row until the sun has a chance to warm them properly.

Anxious homeowners may believe that the underlayment of a new roof, also known as tarpaper, must be covered with shingles without delay so that water will not leak through it. This is not the case, however. In an emergency, tarpaper actually acts as an effective moisture seal. While you should not plan to use the underlayment alone as roofing for an extended time period, you need not worry about an overnight rainstorm breaching your roof-in-progress.

Fortified Roofing of Voorhees NJ would be happy to answer any question you have about roofing, new roofs or new gutters.

People who want to make their homes look more appealing to prospective buyers believe that pressure washing is a non-invasive and effective method of removing dirt, debris and moss. This myth is partially based on reality. If done by a professional on a metal roof, power washing is effective. However, an inexperienced power washer might inadvertently drive water between the seams of a metal roof, causing moisture damage.

In addition, experts caution homeowners against power washing other types of roofs, especially asphalt or clay tile. The pressurized jets of water tend to wash the protective granule layer off asphalt shingles, leaving the roof vulnerable to solar radiation. Pressure washing tile roofs could damage or dislodge the tiles. To remove moss, using a chemical wash is a far gentler and more effective method.

Choosing a roofing material with the best warranty ensures your roof will last longer. While this sounds more logical than mythical, the National Roofing Contractors’ Association (NRCA) offers some caveats; they contend that some manufacturers use warranties as marketing tools and that their longevity projections are not based on the actual performance data. Instead of shopping for the longest warranty, select the material best suited to your climate and structural requirements.

By becoming better informed about the facts of residential roofing, homeowners prepare themselves for the eventuality of reroofing their homes. Learning the difference between myth and reality in the roofing industry is a good start. Fortified Roofing of Voorhees NJ would be happy to answer any question you have about roofing, skylight installation or new gutters.

Term & definition explained by Fortified Roofing, Voorhees NJ:

Solar radiation

The sunlight that shines on your roof is solar radiation, which includes infrared and ultraviolet wavelengths. If the roof absorbs solar radiation, it becomes warmer and may transfer that warmth into structure’s interior. Asphalt roofing shingles and other reflective roofing products help repel solar radiation.

Voorhees roofing FAQ of the day:

Is it true that roofing firms are unreliable?

That is not true at all: Many roofing contractors have been working in their communities for decades, providing reliable and experienced services. Just like in any other industry, however, a few scam artists with substandard practices can tarnish the good name of reputable roofers. Being a responsible consumer and asking potential contractors about their company history and licensing is your best protection.

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