When Is the Best Time to Install a New Roof?


If you are planning a roof replacement in the near future, you are probably wondering when is the best time for an installation.

Roofing contractors work year-round to provide you with the best service and best quality they can, which means that you can get your roof replaced any time.

However, based on your needs, wishes, and circumstances, there are more and less ideal times for a complete roof replacement. These can depend on various factors, such as time of the year, as well as on your specific concerns, i.e. what your main priority is for your roof replacement. In order to make your decision easier and for your roof installation process to go as smoothly as possible, we bring you an overview of the most important considerations to factor into your decision. 

What Is Your Main Concern?

Every homeowner has different needs, priorities, and concerns when it comes to their roof and the services they require for their roof. Every homeowner also lives in different circumstances, whether financial or climate-wise and will, therefore, base their decision on specific factors that matter most to them.

Therefore, the first step in planning your roof replacement and figuring out when the best time for you will be is asking yourself what your main priority is. Based on that priority, we can give you a few possible answers.

1. Do You Want a Quick Roof Replacement?

If your main priority is getting the roof replacement done quickly, if you don’t want to wait or don’t have time to wait for an appointment with your roofer, then you should consider summer and winter.

This will allow you to have a stress-free, efficient, and quick service, as your roofer will probably not be as buried in work as they would be during spring and fall. The latter two seasons are usually peak seasons for a roofer, which means that you might have to wait longer for an appointment.

2. Do You Want a Good Price?

You can use a similar principle and logic when it comes to getting the best deals. As it was already mentioned, for most roofing contractors, spring is the busiest season as many homeowners are looking to repair damage that may have happened over the winter or looking to use their income tax refund to pay for a home improvement.

Therefore, to get the best price, you should look into making a roof replacement appointment sometime during the summer or winter when they don’t have as many appointments.

It is during this time that the roofer can also offer you better deals and lower their prices because you will have more roofers to choose from than during the peak roofing season. There will probably be many roofers available for your replacement, so you can see which one offers a better price.

Of course, not all roofers work on the same principles and some may be busy throughout the year. Therefore, make sure to contact your local roofers and double check their availability.

3. Do You Need to Prepare for Harsh Weather?

Depending on the weather circumstances in your area, you may need to prepare your roof for some upcoming harsh weather, such as the winter.

If you get cold winters with heavy snows and you don’t think your current roof will uphold against it, then you should think about replacing it before the winter arrives. The best time to do it, therefore, is autumn.

An important thing to consider here is that many homeowners can also decide to have their roof replaced in autumn, which is why you should make your appointment as soon as possible, just to be sure. Don’t want until the last minute.

Don’t Wait for Roofing Emergencies

A prerequisite for all successful roof replacements and installations is planning ahead.

You should always be aware of the lifespan of your roof, as well as of any damage that may develop into greater issues. Through regular roof inspections and maintenance, you will have no problem with this. Your roofer will probably advise you when the best time for a replacement is so that you can make timely plans.

Of course, in case of some unforeseen and sudden circumstances that cause great and irreparable damage to your roof, there is no time for planning and you will have to seek emergency replacement services. But this does not happen very often, which means that in most cases, you should have enough time to prepare yourself.

Some homeowners may disregard this and delay their roof replacement for as long as they can due to the costs that a replacement entails or simply to avoid the hassle of a replacement. But in doing that, they are also depriving themselves of a chance to be in control of their own replacement.

In doing that, they are left in hands of chance, which means that there will be no time to carefully choose a contractor, to decide which type of roof they want, to compare different roofing systems, and to choose the one that fits their needs best.

Apart from that, delaying replacements and ignoring the damages and leaks on your roof can lead to other greater damages to different aspects of your home, including interior water damage. And this usually means additional repairs and extra costs.

Is Your Roof Damaged and Leaking?

In close relation to the previous section and considerations, you should start thinking about a roof replacement as soon as you notice that your roof has suffered some greater damages or when you notice a roof leak.

Roof leaks are usually a sign of a deteriorating roof and it might mean that your roof will need to be replaced in the near future.

Consider the age of your roof and its predicted lifespan and if you determine that it is nearing its end and you have already started to notice damages and leaks, it is best to call your roofer and set up an appointment.

A roof replacement might be a bigger investment and you might consider putting it off and simply conducting some roof repairs. But your roof will continue to deteriorate and these repairs will simply continue to pile up, which can eventually cost you more than a one-time roof replacement.


Having all of these considerations in mind will significantly help you in making the most of your roof replacement. Planning ahead and focusing on what is most important to you and your property will allow you to determine the ideal time for your roof replacement.

For any other question, additional information or for quality roofing services, you can contact your best roof replacement company, and we will help you in any way we can.