12 Biggest Dos and Don’ts of Roof Replacement on Your Home


When it comes to a roof replacement, there’s no denying that this is one of the biggest home improvement projects any homeowner can take on. While getting a new roof is exciting and at some point, much needed, it can also be a bit stressful. Here’s why.

For starters, there are so many seemingly small details to consider that can end up playing a huge role in the success of your roof replacement project. And if you’re considering getting a new roof, there are probably a million questions going through your mind right now.

How do you find quality roofers who won’t let all your money go down the drain? Which materials should you choose? Can you go for a different type of material this time around?

But don’t worry. These questions are perfectly normal. After all, your new roof is supposed to protect you and your family for a long time to come. How could you not put a lot of thought into it?

Our experts at Fortified Roofing bring you all the answers you’re looking for, plus a lot more to consider. We’ve rounded up some major dos and don’ts of having your roof replaced to make the entire process that much easier for you.

Here’s what you should keep in mind.

What Are the Biggest Dos of a Roof Replacement?

  • DO make sure that your home is ready for the magnitude of this project. After all, there’s going to be an entire team of contractors walking on your roof. You should be prepared for some shaking and maybe a little vibration inside your home. This is why we recommend that you remove all the pictures from your walls, as well as all your fragile belongings, and put them somewhere safe before the project commences.
  • DO consider going for different material this time around. Did you know that you can easily opt for a completely different material the second time around? It is by no means necessary to replace your existing roof with the exact same material, unless, of course, that’s what you want. Work with your contractor to find out more about your options, taking your needs, wishes, and budget into consideration.
  • DO make sure that you got the materials you’ve paid for. When the materials get delivered to your home, don’t think twice about inspecting them to make sure they’re exactly what you requested. It is always smart to double-check that you’re getting your money’s worth.
  • DO consider an added layer. Sometimes, adding a second layer of shingles or reroofing can be a great solution for your roof and your budget. Be sure to check with your roofer to see whether this is doable and the right choice for you.
  • DO pay attention to wind and fire ratings. A lot of roofing materials come with ratings that show how resistant to wind and fire they are. Not all manufacturers choose to submit their materials for this testing, but we urge you to consider this aspect before landing on the final material for your home.
  • DO request a detailed estimate. You should always be provided with an exact estimate that includes materials needed for the project, time, labor, and an outlined start and finish date. And make sure to get it all in writing.
  • DO consider the weather. It’s very important to choose a roofing material that is optimal for your region, as severe weather can take a toll on your property. The goal is to have your roof remain durable and last a long time, so considering your local climate is always a safe bet.
  • DO go for an aesthetically appealing look. Your roof is likely to last anywhere between 20 – 50 years, depending on the material, so it would be wise to go for one that will maximize your curb appeal, as well. You can discuss the color and style options with your contractor so that you’re left with a strong, durable, and gorgeous roof over your head.

What Are the Biggest Don’ts of a Roof Replacement?

  • DON’T neglect to check your contractor’s credentials. The smartest way to know whether a roofer is reliable and worth hiring is by asking for their credentials! Simply check out what their previous clients have to say about them and make your decision based on your findings.
  • DON’T fall for storm chasers’ scams. As great as it sounds, there’s no such thing as a free roof. Everything has a cost. Storm chasers are known to swarm an area recently hit by a heavy storm and go around promising speedy home repairs for a significantly lower cost. Most commonly, they offer to waive your deductible, in which case you should steer clear, as that is considered insurance fraud.
  • DON’T take any shortcuts. Don’t allow yourself to be tempted to go for a lower-quality roof simply because it costs a little less. When it comes to an investment as big as your roof, you should never cut corners, as it will only end up costing you significantly more in the future. Your roof will keep you and your family safe for many years to come, which is why all the decisions you make should reflect that.
  • DON’T add layers without checking the structural integrity of your roof first. Before you start making any decisions regarding multi-layer roofing, make sure to have your roof’s structural integrity tested. An added layer means a bigger weight load, so it’s important to take all the precautions before making your decision. That way, you will have great peace of mind in the long run.

In Need of Roof Replacement Services?

Now that you’ve carefully gone over all the major dos and don’ts of having your roof replaced, hopefully, you will have an easier time making the right decisions.

When faced with any type of roofing dilemmas, the best thing you can do is get in touch with your trusted local roof replacement contractors who will guide you throughout the process, from start to finish.

At Fortified Roofing, we are always at your disposal for an honest and detailed estimate, as well as for top-tier roofing services. Give us a call anytime and see what we can do for you!