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Protecting a home from rain, snow, sleet, wind and countless other exterior threats, a home’s roof is one of its most important investments. You may spend hours researching roof types, looking at skylight options and picking out just the right shingle color and texture, but you may overlook one of the key factors determining your roof’s durability and reliability: the competence of your roofer.

A little research into potential Monmouth County roofing contractors can go a long way to ensuring that you end up with a quality roof. Keeping a few basic tips in mind may assist with your search for a contractor who installs durable roofing systems that meet warranty requirements and protect your home’s all-important building envelope.

First, talk to friends, co-workers and family members who recently had roofing work performed. Compile a list of professional roofers based on their suggestions and cross-check the names with the state’s or local government’s list of licensed roofing contractors in the area.

Next, research roofing companies’ suitability through their websites. Professional, trustworthy roofers will list their professional associations, company history, experience, qualifications and services. Aside from checking to make sure the roofer performs the type of work you need, there are a few affiliations that are particularly relevant.

For instance, membership in industry groups shows the roofer’s interest in staying abreast of roofing trends, best practices and products, so check for contractors who belong to organizations like the National Roofing Contractors Association.

Roof manufacturers also certify quality roofers, and warranties may be contingent only when using approved roofers. Some manufacturers even go so far as to give special distinction to particularly skilled and competent roofers. North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, GAF, rates these rigorously vetted roofers as Master Elite Roofers. That designation is given to less than 3 percent of the continent’s roofing contractors, so finding a local contractor who is GAF Master Elite certified offers extra confidence for homeowners.

Once your research has whittled the list of potential roofers down to one or two contractors, it’s time to schedule a consultation. Look for professional roofing contractors who offer free consultation; those who provide free roof inspections are even better. During the consultation, ask for the roofer’s client references, inquire about continuing education for employees and find out the roofer’s process of ensuring that the type of roof selected fits your home’s particular needs.

Researching a professional roofer so thoroughly may seem time-consuming, but it will be worth your time and effort in the long run. Quality roofers expect homeowners to ask pointed questions and may even volunteer much of the information you need without being asked. Knowing all of the important details about your roofing contractor not only gives you peace of mind, but it helps to ensure that you are protecting your property and your family with a quality roof. Have a question regarding skylight installation or new roofs? Ask the roofers from Fortified Roofing of Monmouth County NJ.

Common roofers term explained by Fortified Roofing of Monmouth County NJ:

Building envelope

Consisting of the home’s roof, walls, floors, doors and windows, the building envelope essentially separates the building’s interior from exterior forces. Increasingly, building experts prefer the term “building enclosure” to describe the features that help a home withstand the elements.

Monmouth County roofers Fortified Roofing answers a question:

How do I know if my roofer is certified to install my particular roof?

Most major roof manufacturers offer a list of area roofing contractors who are factory-certified to install the manufacturer’s roofs. This is important because using a non-approved roof installer can void the roof’s warranty. To obtain factory certification, roofing contractors often must provide proof of state licensing and adequate insurance, and demonstrate a proven industry reputation.

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