Recovering an Asphalt Roof

When it’s time to renovate an asphalt roof, the homeowner may have the existing shingles completely removed, or he or she may decide to have a new roof placed on top of the old one. Reducing financial expense and the desire to quickly boost a property’s curb appeal are often reasons that drive a homeowner’s decision to have their current shingles recovered. While a roof that is in decent condition and not showing signs of curling, rot or mold will typically be a feasible candidate for a recover, there are many compelling reasons to simply have the old shingles removed before laying new ones. Therefore, homeowners should seek out advice from knowledgeable Middlesex county roofers prior to allowing a technician to perform a recover.

Tearing off the old roof allows the roofing specialist to thoroughly inspect the home’s roof deck to rule out the presence of sections that may be damaged or rotten. If damage or rot is present, these sections can and should be replaced. Other very important areas such as the eaves, sidewalls, rakes and chimney can also be inspected at this time. Flashing may also be replaced. Customers may be tempted to forego the tear off process to save money; however, roofs that have been completely removed and replaced tend to outlast roofs that have been recovered by a number of years.

When new shingles are placed on top of old ones, heat is more likely to become trapped between the layers, and as a result, the shingles may curl and become damaged. If the older shingles begin to curl or lift, the appearance of the new layer of shingle may be affected by the underlying unevenness. Applying multiple layers of shingles to a roof can also make finding the source of a leak more difficult. For these reasons, the overall resale value of the home may even be negatively affected by the presence of multiple layers of asphalt shingles.

Before deciding to do a recover, homeowners should thoroughly discuss possible advantages and disadvantages in addition to allowing a qualified, licensed roofing specialist walk the roof and examine it closely. Consumers should also be aware that in some instances, a roofer might suggest a recover in an attempt to cut corners and perform a fast repair job that will have temporary results. Homeowners should especially beware of contractors who suggest a recover on a roof that visibly displays damage or is otherwise in need of additional repair work. The roofers at Fortified Roofing of Middlesex County NJ can answer your questions regarding new roofs or skylights.

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The eaves of a roof normally overhang the face of the exterior walls and project slightly beyond the building. When it rains, this overhang projects water away from the building’s walls. Often times, eaves may be decorated as part of an architectural style.

Middlesex County roofers FAQ:

How much more expensive is a complete roof replacement compared to a recover?

Homeowners can save $1,000 or more by skipping the tearoff process when laying new asphalt shingles. In addition to requiring less labor, there is no need for waste removal. However, the savings are merely delayed expenses since the home’s roof will eventually need to have the old shingles removed. Costs may be twice as high as there will be two layers for removal and double the waste.

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