Types Of Skylights

Some homes are designed in such a way that very little light enters into the living space during certain times of the day. One way to fix this is to install skylights. Not only can they allow more light to enter the home, but they can also help heat the home during cooler weather. There are four main types of skylights: fixed, manual venting, electric venting and tube skylights. Homeowners who are considering installing a skylight may wish to seek advice from their trusted Middlesex county roofers.

One of the most popular types of skylights to install is a fixed skylight. It consists of a pane of glass that is installed into the roof. Because it cannot be opened, it is the cheapest type of skylight available on the market. Additionally, fixed skylights are the most leak-proof type that can be installed.

Venting skylights can be opened to allow fresh air to enter the home. Manual venting skylights must be pushed open by the home occupant while electric venting skylights can automatically open and close on their own. While manual skylights do let the air in, they must be placed in an area where they can be reached by the home’s occupants. Though more expensive, many electric skylights are solar powered and often come equipped with a rain sensor, which will close the skylight should the weather turn.

Finally, tube or tubular skylights allow sunlight to enter the home but ensure that the sunlight is diffused. This means that there are no hot spots within the home. Like fixed skylights, these tube-shaped skylights are leak-proof. However, they are also considered more energy efficient as they are designed to minimize the amount of heat or cold air that may enter or exit the home.

In most cases, homeowners will choose conventional windows over skylights if given the choice. There are several reasons for this; for example, windows can be opened while skylights are most often fixed in place. Additionally, most skylights do not come with the ability to block out the sun. There are skylights available that have built-in blinds, but these skylights are often more expensive. Finally, homeowners should know that building codes usually require that a home have a certain number of windows as they can provide a means of escape in an emergency. Because most skylights do not open, they may not be considered a window. A contractor can help homeowners determine if a skylight is right for their home. The roofers at Fortified Roofing of Middlesex County NJ can answer your questions regarding skylights or roof repairs.

Fortified Roofing of Middlesex County NJ defines a common roofers term:

Building codes

A building code is a set of rules put into use to provide the minimum standards for buildings. These codes can differ by counties and states; thus, roofing and construction contractors must be familiar with the codes prior to beginning a project.

Middlesex County roofers Fortified Roofing answers a common question:

Can skylights only be installed during the summer?

In general, it is recommended that skylights be installed during the warm or dry months. However, skylights can be installed within one to two days, meaning that they can be installed during periods of dry, cold weather. It is not recommended that homeowners install their own skylights, but those who still wish to do so should wait for warm weather as installation may take longer.

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