Overview Of Roofing Options

Choosing a roofing material for your home is easy when you know about all the great roofing products that are available. Talking with a certified Middletown roofing professional can help you make the best choice for your roof and still stay within your budget.

Because asphalt shingle has been the most popular roofing choice for decades, many consumers don’t think beyond that option. Asphalt is still a good choice for those who live in moderate climates and who do not wish to make a larger up-front investment, but other roofing products provide more durability, less maintenance, longer warranties and more savings over time.

Metal is probably the second most popular roofing choice, and for good reason. Though metal is more expensive to purchase initially, it is far more durable than asphalt and requires much less maintenance. Metal roofs can last upwards of 50 years, and most come with a warranty that reflects that durability. Additionally, metal roofs come in a huge array of styles and colors. Standing seam roofs are still one of the most sought-out types of metal roofs, but there are other options.

Metal roofing also comes in shingle-like tiles that can be patterned for a unique look or coated with granules to resemble asphalt shingle if a more traditional look is desired.

Another great choice is a clay or composite tile. Traditional S-curve clay tiles are very popular in hot regions because they help keep homes cooler in the summer months. Clay is very durable and can last up to a hundred years or more with proper care. Of course, it is also more expensive. Clay and composite tiles are available in a variety of shapes and colors that can complement any style of home. Most of these types of tiles are considered green building options, and like metal roofing, they can qualify homeowners for tax credits to help offset the purchase and installation costs.

One of the most timeless and elegant roofing materials is slate. Slate tiles come in many varieties and colors depending on the region where the slate is quarried. Like clay and metal, slate is a green roofing product that can be expected to last a hundred years or longer. While true slate is costly to install and requires a very sturdy roof deck, composites are available that closely resemble slate but are much less costly and lighter in weight.

These are just a few of the options for installing a beautiful and durable roof that you will enjoy for years to come.

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Roofing term of the day, courtesy of Fortified Roofing, Middletown roofers:

S-curve clay tiles

S-curve clay tiles are popular on Spanish and Mediterranean styled homes, but the newer clay and composite tiles can complement other styles. The advantage of clay and composites is their durability and low maintenance. They can also save significant money on heating and cooling.

Middletown roofers FAQ:

What is the best type of decking for heavy roofing options like slate and clay?

Most roofing experts recommend solid pine roof decking for slate and other heavy roofing products. Many contractors attempt to use plywood, but that is not a good option. Plywood is made up of very thin sheets of wood that are glued together, and therefore it can eventually split and cause damage. A solid wood deck is the best option.

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