The Role Of Gutters and Downspouts

Gutters and downspouts are an integral part of a roofing system because they channel water away from the roof, the sides of the house and the house’s foundation. If the gutters or downspouts begin malfunctioning, water can flow back up to the roof, which can damage the roof’s materials over time. In addition, excess water can cause the paint on the side of the house to peel, erode the soil near the house and create significant structural problems.

To make sure your gutters remain in optimal condition, you need to clean them regularly. You also need to perform any minor repairs to extend the life of your gutter system. However, if your gutters or downspouts need serious repair, Middletown roofing professionals can offer assistance.

A common reason why gutters fail is because they become clogged with debris. Leaves, twigs and paper are some examples of materials that can stop the flow of water in a gutter or downspout. Taking the time to clean your gutter system once a month, or as needed, can reduce the need for serious repairs. Always use a sturdy ladder on a flat surface when you are cleaning your gutters to prevent injury.

If you are not comfortable climbing a ladder, consider using gutter guards.

While you are cleaning your gutter system, it is prudent to investigate the entire length of each gutter and downspout for damage. For example, falling tree branches and high winds can pull the gutters away from a house’s fascia boards. Loose fasteners, dry rot and detached connection joints are all indicators that your gutter system needs further inspection and repair.

In most cases, you can perform any needed repairs with the materials and tools from a local hardware store if you feel comfortable doing so on your own. For example, if your gutter is pulling away from its secure mounting, simply hammer the loose nails back into place. If the nails are old or rusty, replace them with new nails. In addition, leaks can occur at a gutter’s seams, end caps or along its length. Depending on the type of gutter, you can repair these leaks with an applicable gutter sealant, metal flashing or silicon caulk. For example, if you have metal gutters, use a piece of metal flashing that is bigger than the hole to patch the leak. With proper maintenance, you can expect your gutter system to provide your home with years of utility, effective drainage and water damage protection. Have a question regarding new roofs or skylight installations? Ask a roofing professional from Fortified Roofing of Middletown NJ.

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Gutter guards

A gutter guard is a product that helps to prevent gutters from getting clogged and is usually available as a screen or cover. A gutter guard can fit over your existing gutter, prevents water from settling in your gutters and allows you to clean your gutters less frequently.

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When should you replace your gutter system?

Ideally, you should replace your gutter system when you are replacing your roof. However, your gutters need to be replaced earlier if you see signs of serious deterioration. For example, if your gutters are irreparably cracked, bent or dented, you need a new gutter system. In addition, you should replace your gutters if you notice indicators in your home, such as mold in your basement, cracks in your home’s foundation and peeling paint.

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