Common Winter Roofing Problems

Winter can be a challenging time for most parts of a house, and the roof is no exception. Even in the harshest climates, it is rare for a roof to collapse under the weight of ice and snow. However, ice and snow can lead to other problems that can affect the structural integrity of a roof and increase the potential for significant damage.

The biggest problem for winter roofs is ice damming. There are two primary ways in which this can occur, and both are easily preventable with proper maintenance. The professionals at Ocean County Roofing can give a roof a complete inspection to check for winter damage or to prevent it happening.

Ice damming can happen if gutters and downspouts are not cleaned and become clogged. When water melts, there is no way for it to escape, and it pools and refreezes at night when the temperatures drop again. The resulting dam made of this ice blocks up the water melting behind it causing yet more ice buildup.

The second way ice dams can form is if there is inadequate insulation in the attic.

Hot air rising inside the house can result in above-freezing temperatures towards the top of the roof, while the lower portion is still below freezing. Water at the top will melt and then run down and get blocked by the dam of ice that has formed at the bottom.

Ice dams can cause the pooling water behind to seep beneath the shingles and work its way into the house, as well as weaken the shingles and the structure beneath. The ice dam itself can weigh a considerable amount, so much so that it can cause gutters to fall.

Improper insulation in an attic can also lead to condensation when the warm air inside meets the cold temperature of the roof. Condensation can lead to mold and mildew or even rot in the most severe cases. Few people think of insulation in the context of their roof, but the two are very closely linked.

Finally, icicles can form when drains and gutters are blocked up and water has no way to escape. Falling ice that has been hanging off of the top of a house can cause significant injury to people and pets, as well as damage to any objects it falls on.

Regular maintenance, together with professional inspections of both roof and insulation, can all but eliminate problems like these. The roofers from Fortified Roofing in Ocean County NJ can answer your questions about roof repairs or new roofs.

Roofing term courtesy of the expert roofers from Fortified Roofing in Ocean County NJ:

Ice dam

A build up of ice on a roof caused by the thawing and refreezing of water with no way to drain is known as an ice dam. The dam traps water behind it, which then refreezes and increases the size of the dam. Ice dams can cause considerable damage to roofs and the structure beneath.

Question and answer from the Ocean County roofing experts of Fortified Roofing in NJ:

Can anything be done about roofing problems during the winter months?

As soon as homeowners notice that their roof is showing signs of problems, such as icicles, they should call in a professional roofing company immediately to assess any damage as well as recommend solutions for any problems they discover. If homeowners are worried about potential problems, they should again call in the professionals for both their roof and attic. Waiting until the weather warms up may allow a bigger problem to develop.

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