Repairing Gutters and Downspouts

The purpose of gutters and downspouts is to funnel water away from the roof. However, rain gutters also protect the siding, lawn and foliage around the house. If gutters are not kept in good repair, water can seep into the basement and damage the foundation of the home. In addition, when water backs up onto the roof due to clogged gutters or downspouts, the attic is in danger as well as the roof.

Icy downspouts or gutters clogged with leaves and other debris can be a nightmare. Contacting an Ocean County roofing company for a thorough evaluation can help ease a homeowner’s mind. During a home gutter inspection, a professional roofing contractor will look to see if the gutters are pulling away from the house. While that might be easy for homeowners to see for themselves, other problems cannot be seen from the ground.

Loose nails, damp and moldy leaves, packed dirt, broken sticks and twigs can all affect how a gutter drains. Other problems might include rust, cracks in the material, gaping seams or warping. The downspout might be clogged with leaves and dirt. Fasteners might have worked their way loose or become broken. There can even be holes in the gutter itself.

If the gutter is dripping or water is spilling over the sides, a well-trained roofing contractor can find the holes and easily plug them with silicone or a flashing caulk.

If the holes are too large, patching can sometimes be done using the same type of material as the gutter. Rust can be scrubbed or caulking used to seal the seams tighter, but stains behind the gutter or water backing up onto the roof can signal a much bigger problem.

If the paint is peeling or the soffit is rotting, repairs need to be done right away. Luckily, roofing contractors are trained to walk on wet roofs and can survey the damage to the roof or attic as well as clean and patch the gutters and downspouts. If the downspout doesn’t drain well, however, the water can begin to collect around the house. Adding downspout extenders can sometimes help improve the drainage. Homeowners won’t want the water draining too closely to a patio or flowerbed, and extenders are a good way of diverting the water in another direction.

Once the gutter and downspouts are clean and patched, there are guards and other ways that can help keep the gutter draining properly. A professional contractor will be able to suggest additional options. The roofing contractors from Fortified Roofing of Ocean County NJ can answer your questions about new roofs or gutters.

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The underside of any architectural structure is called a soffit. It’s usually installed where the roof overhangs and forms the ceiling of wood or metal that covers the eaves. Without soffit, homeowners would be able to see the rafter beams.

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How long will a new set of gutters last?

The average age of a new set of gutters is between 20 and 30 years, but if you keep them clean and seal up the seams and joints, they will last as long as the house does. Weather can affect the life of the gutter, especially in areas where rain and snow are heavy, but regular roofing inspections and taking care of needed repairs right away will greatly extend a gutter’s life.

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