Roof Repair Vs. Replacement

There are a number of factors to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace a roof. It’s important to have a thorough roof inspection done before any decision is made. This can be done by the homeowner or by a professional Ocean County roofing expert. One thing to look for is shingles and flashing ripped up around the chimney or vents. Another is damage from where ice has formed under shingles and later melted. Finally, shingles that are dirty or simply missing are a problem. Probably the biggest factor is deciding whether to repair or replace a roof is its age. If a roof is twenty-five years or older and is having problems like leaks, then it is likely beyond repair. If there are just a few shingles ripped off from rain, wind or other weather, they can usually be replaced for a low cost. However, this can only be done up to a point since the additional weight of patching shingles can add too much weight to the structure. Also, the way repairs will look can be an issue. Patches may not have the same color as the original shingles. A roofing contractor from Fortified Roofing of Ocean County NJ can answer your questions about roof repairs or new roofs. Ask a question If the home will be on the market any time soon, patches of shingles that do not match the original are often a problem with potential buyers. Contractors can sometimes find replacement shingles that look identical, or at least similar, to the original but not always. If only one side of a roof is damaged, then a partial re-roofing can be done. However, this is often more expensive than re-roofing the entire roof since contractors buy supplies in bulk and much of their cost is simply getting the crew to the job site. Whether the entire roof will have to be torn off in a replacement is another factor to consider. If there are already two layers of any sort of roof covering, then safety and code dictate that you must tear off the roof and put on a new one. If not, the roof could collapse from the cumulative weight of the many shingles. If there is just one layer of shingles, then another can be added over it. However, it can be safer and more cost-effective in the long run to tear off the first layer when the roofing crew is there. Whether the decision is to repair or replace, it’s almost always best to have the job done by a professional roofing company. Many companies can replace a roof in a single day. Any of the roofing contractors from Fortified Roofing of Ocean County can answer your questions about roof repairs or skylights.

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Flashing is the sheet metal that is used around chimneys, vents and the various troughs and valleys of a roof. It is used wherever water runs or can accumulate. Its purpose is to prevent water from seeping inside the structure.

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How can snow and ice damage a roof?

No, most experienced roofers will be able to sell and install a wide range of roofing materials. Making sure that the roofer is indeed experienced in the installation of a specific roofing material is essential, particularly if it is a less common type. Some roofers offer a warranty on the installation itself.

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