Steel Shingles

Despite a rich history of use on commercial structures, steel shingles have only recently been introduced for the residential market and are already available in a range of styles, colors and finishes to suit almost any home, from Victorian to modern. Steel shingles are available to look like cedar, tile or slate, and some manufacturers will manufacture shingles to match any color.

A steel shingle starts with a core of steel that may be bonded to other layers, including aluminum and other metals. The outer coat of paint and stone granules are baked on, unlike an asphalt shingle where the coating is glued on. A further coating is added to protect the shingle from environmental damage.

Steel shingles are attached to the roof using an interlocking system with concealed fasteners. An experienced Ocean County roofing servicer will have the skills and experience to install this modern product.

Besides their aesthetic appeal and availability in a wide variety of colors and styles, a significant advantage of steel shingles over asphalt is their longevity. Steel shingles will last at least twice as long as asphalt, often 50-70 years or longer.

Because of this, their higher initial cost is offset by their longer lifespan, which can also increase the value of a home. Their lower maintenance requirements results in savings of both time and money as well.

Steel shingles are also very fire resistant and impervious to termites. They don’t crack and are not susceptible to mold and mildew. Steel shingles are generally more wind and hail resistant, and their coatings resist the corrosion associated with other types of metal roofs. Steel shingles can be incorporated into cool roofs, and their reflective nature may result in lower air conditioning costs. Because of all of these benefits, many insurance companies offer substantial discounts on homeowner policy premiums for houses roofed with steel shingles. In addition, steel shingles are said to be suitable for re-roofing, or laying a new roof directly over an existing roof.

The ultimate decision of whether to use steel shingles is usually determined by the budget. Although the extra cost over asphalt shingles is more than made up in the long term thanks to maintenance, energy and replacement cost savings over the years, the higher upfront cost may seem cumbersome to homeowners. However, when shopping for a new roof, it makes a lot of sense to at least consider steel shingles as an option. A roofing contractor from Fortified Roofing of Ocean County NJ can answer your questions about gutters or skylights.

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This term refers to the process of installing a new roof directly onto an existing roof. The main reason to re-roof a house is to save the often considerable cost of tearing off the old roof. Most houses can only be re-roofed once, and there may be local municipality building codes that apply.

Question and answer from Ocean County roofing experts Fortified Roofing:

How expensive are steel shingles?

Steel shingles are usually 3-4 times as expensive as asphalt. This sounds like a lot, but steel costs a fraction of what slate costs and offers close to the same longevity. The higher upfront cost is usually more than offset by lower maintenance, repair, energy, insurance and replacement costs, together with an increased value of the home.

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