Skylight Installation Basics

When homeowners want to install a skylight, a hole must be added to a structure’s roof. Although this concept may seem simple, removing part of the roof for framed glass creates a different load balance across the entire surface. Monmouth County roofing professionals must take load capacities and structural design into consideration before quoting and installing any type of skylight.

Professionals must thoroughly inspect the attic and rooftop to create a skylight design that works for the given structure. Support beams and roof deck stability are checked and verified against possible alteration ideas. There may be some areas where a skylight isn’t possible, such as where load-bearing rafters exist. Ideally, roofers want to place the skylight between support beams to avoid any major alteration to the home’s structural integrity.

With an approved design in mind, roofers can begin the installation process. They’ll carefully remove roofing materials from the future skylight area. Professionals will detach shingles and underlayment to expose the sheathing. If any materials can be saved for reinstallation, contractors will try their best to keep those items intact. Along the attic’s ceiling, items directly beneath the installation area must be removed, including insulation.

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Roofers use intricate power saws to rough out the new skylight opening. They’ll cut a hole out of the roof deck in the same shape as the window frame. Once the hole is created, more inspections occur around the cut site. Roofers must examine the cut and material for any defects. Hidden rot or cracked sheathing indicates some repair is necessary. The surrounding deck as well as nearby rafters must be strong enough to support the skylight properly.

Contractors carefully move the skylight into position and secure it to surrounding rafters. The main concern during this installation step is sealing the frame to the roof deck. Water leaks will find their way into the roof and attic at the frame’s edges if not properly sealed with flashing. Contractors add flashing along all skylight edges. When they are satisfied with the flashing coverage, they’ll begin to fill in the open roof spaces with shingles.

Roofing contractors usually have window experience that makes for a successful skylight project. They may also renovate standard windows around the home, for example. Before hiring any professionals, research their background to verify their expertise with skylights in particular. Because potential leaks or poor installation quality can cause serious problems, skylight installations must be performed by quality contractors who are vetted thoroughly by homeowners. Have a question regarding new roofs or roof repairs? Ask the roofers from Fortified Roofing of Monmouth County NJ.

Term explained by Monmouth County NJ roofing contractor Fortified Roofing:

Load capacities

This engineering term refers to the weight limit a particular structural element can support. Roofs must support their protective materials, for instance, but can take the extra weight of skylights to a certain degree. It’s the contractor’s responsibility to calculate these load capacities.

Question and answer from Monmouth County roofing contractor Fortified Roofing:

Why would tubular skylights be necessary in a home?

When homeowners want a skylight in a particular room, the ceiling and attic above that room may create too many obstacles for a standard framed window. Tubular skylights allow natural light to penetrate down a tunnel and into almost any room in the home. The tube passes through attics in most cases.

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